Fifteen amazing things to do on Siargao Island if you don’t surf. The Philippines

Siargao is my new and favourite island in the world. That’s a tough call after spending almost a year visiting some pretty spectacular islands; Madeira; Corfu; Sardinia; Australia... but with its laid back vibe, friendly locals, amazing beaches and awesome vegan bites, it’s a wonderful place to spend some time.

Burgas beach

Here’s our 15 things to do on Siargao Island

Even if you don’t surf there’s plenty of things to do on Siargao island.

1) Rent a tricylcle

Rent a tricycle with BingGo (half way between General Luna & Cloud 9) and explore the island by yourself. You’ll have way more fun being independent.

Siargao island

2) Visit the Cloud 9 rocks pools

Rock pools engulf the entire area of Cloud 9 and we found some tiny baby clown fish as well other tropical fish, crabs, eels and more.

Siargao island

Cloud 9, Siargao island

Siargao island

Playing in the rock pools at Cloud 9

3) Get a boat out to Sugba Lagoon

Siargao island

Paddle boarding at Sugba Lagoon

Head up to Del Carmen  and take a trip through the mangroves to Sugba Lagoon. You can dive off the famous board, snorkel or hire a paddle board. Either way when the water is this colour, you’ll have fun..

3) You must visit Magpupunko rock pools

Only visible and accessible at low tide, these rock pools are a haven for marine life. As well as snorkel you can also jump in off the rocks.

Siargao island

Magpupunko rock pools on Siargao island

4) Go Island hopping

We visited five islands in one day with Bebet. If you want to book him, ring or SMS: +63 921 4640746

Siargao island

Island hopping

5) Learn how to dive

Palaka Dive Centre (located on the beach front in General Luna) offers courses for every ability. You should definitely check them out.

Siargao island

Thanks to Palaka Dive Centre for this photo

6) Hang out on Malinao beach

Malinao beach is not too far from General Luna and usually deserted. Here you can snorkel, sun bathe and watch the sun set over the islands of Guyam and Dako.

Keep an eye out for star fish, (harmless) jelly fish, tropical fish and sea slugs. The water is crystal clear with a sandy bottom.

Siargao island

Malinao beach

Siargao island

The waters of Malinao

7) Take a trip to the Tayangban cave

The tayangban cave (pool) is on private property but as you can see they’re very open to visitors. Swing on the rope and jump in to the crystal clear waters below!


Thanks to Google for this photo.

8)  Visit Union Beach

You will find no other tourist in this sleepy fishing village. The beach is covered with broken coral that has washed up and you can find really interestingly shaped pieces.  Here you can snorkel, swim or make friends with the locals who love a bit of karaoke.

Siargao island

Union beach on Siargao island

9) Stretch into Yoga

There’s yoga in lots of places but my favourite was Lotus Shores, a fully plant-based yoga retreat!


Thanks to Lotus Shores for this photo

10) Eat vegan food

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much choice. Our favourites included Shaka for nutritious shakes, juices and bowls. Lotus Shores for their all day burrito. The Deli for their delicious veggie roll. Emerald House for the hummus and Cafe Loka for juices and beans on toast.

Siargao island

A shaka power bowl

11) Alegria beach

At the far northern tip of the island, you’ll find Alegria Beach. Very, very few tourists make it up here and as a result all the locals will want to talk to you and practice their English.

The beach is part rock – part sand but the water is as clear as anything.

Siargao island

Alegria beach

Siargao island

Siargao island’s beautiful beaches

12) Breathe into Burgos palm forest

On the northern tip of the island is Burgo and it is covered with palm trees. Stop off when you see a pathway and make your way through the forest to the beach. Shady and always deserted it’s peaceful and cool.

Siargao island


Siargao island

Siargao island

13) Go snorkelling at Pacifico

With the wave break far off the beach you can snorkel or lounge around in the ultra warm rock pools. It’s like taking a hot bath.


14) Go to San Benito

From San Benito you can visit the islands of Kangkangon and Poneas which has a lake on it.


With thanks to Rafsworld for this photo.

15) Chill at the movies

Siargao even has its own movie theatre. Located between General Luna and Cloud 9 is a movie theatre with a selection of movies and popcorn!

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15 things to do on Siargao island if you don't surf.

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