Siargao Island

Being vegan on Siargao Island, Philippines

After the nightmare that was being vegan in Indonesia (where we effectively starved), we landed on Siargao Island prepared for the worst… but we shouldn’t have worried because being vegan on Siargao Island was super-duper easy.

Siargao Island
Siargao Island

Being vegan on Siargao Island

Siargao Island is a tiny little place on the eastern fringes of The Philippines after all, however, it was remarkably easy being vegan there and we were surprised by how many restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options as well as shops which stocked plant-based essentials.

We didn’t starve, it was a real delight being there and it was really easy to buy and cook for ourselves.

If you’re vegan, here’s where you can eat and shop hassle free on Siargao Island.

Grocery shops on Siargao

TAG Grocer – General Luna

A general supermarket that has a large range of tinned beans/chickpeas, pastas, noodles, vegan products, coconut oils, health products, island friendly products, home-made products and accepts credit card +3% charge.

We bought a massive jar of coconut oil from here and the home-made peanut butter is delicious and not to forget some freshly grown coffee too. This was our most visited store and for a good reason!

Siargao Island
Tag Grovery

The Deli – General Luna

This deli on Tourism Road has vegan option sandwich rolls (hummus, pesto, roasted veggies, avocado, salad) plus a large range of bagged nuts, berries, powders, teas and coffees.

Payment is by cash only. Service can be very slow and there is no wifi. A small seating area can be found out the front of the shop and take out is offered.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the carrot and seed rolls, pictured below, as it is baked fresh and tastes heavenly.

Siargao Island
Carrot and seed roll with fresh veggies

Raw – General Luna

The shop only offers vegetarian foods and also sells a small number of bagged produce and coconut oil. Payment is by cash only and it has wifi and a small internal seating area.


The length of tourism road from General Luna to Cloud 9 has a large number of stalls (called Sari-Sari) selling fresh fruit and veggies. They tend to be ripe so I’d recommend only buying what you need on a daily basis. Cash only.

Go for breakfast, leave with a cat. Pleasure Point Cafe, General Luna

Take-outs & cafes on Siargao

Shaka – Cloud 9

Offers vegan power bowls (250 pesos), smoothies (200 pesos), juices, vegan cakes and balls as well as teas and coffees – but make sure you ask for plant based milk.

This place can fill up but it’s a very friendly and relaxed place to hang. Service always comes with a smile. Seating is quite limited, free wifi is available and payment is by cash only.

A smoothie bowl from Shaka’s on Cloud 9

Cafe Loka – Cloud 9

Opposite the famous Cloud 9 surf break, nestled in the palm trees is this cafe offering juices, smoothies, beans on toast and toasted sandwiches. Seating and hammocks available. You’ll need to take cash to pay.

Siargao Island
The view from Cake Loka overlooking Cloud 9. Siargao Island

Pleasure Point Cafe – General Luna

Pleasure Point Cafe is nestled into the backstreets of General Luna. It only has three vegan options but there is a nice relaxed atmosphere and a whole selection of cats to stroke. Payment by cash only, wifi and a range of different seating is available as well as a hammock.

Siargao Island
Breakfast at Pleasure Point Cafe on Siargao Island

Tattooing – FOODS for take out – Tourism Road between G.Luna & Cloud 9

A very small hut on the right hand side when driving from G.Luna to Cloud 9. It offers two vegan sandwiches for take-out (fried chickpea and a tomato based one) and it’s run by a really nice couple and you’ll get service with a big smile. They had a super-cute kitten when we went too.

You can pay with cash only and they do have a very small area for seating.

Siargao Island
Take-out sandwiches from the tattooing place

Restaurants on Siargao

Emerald House – Cloud 9

We stayed at Emerald House on Cloud 9 and were so surprised by how plentiful the vegan food was. Especially nice is the hommous but they also offer a veggie burger, fried rice, a pasta dish and more. Definitely worth a stop in here. If you stop here, you can expect: free wifi, a range of relaxed seating and cash only payment.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil that we bough from TAG.

Lotus Shores – General Luna

Lotus Shores is a fully vegan retreat that is quite off the main road. It has an excellent vegan & vegetarian menu, really nice owners and a beautiful garden that you look out over. Veggies are organic and grown on site. They have a professional vegan chef and a kitchen to die for!

Lotus shores has wifi, payment by cash only and loads of seating.

Siargao Island
Lotus Shores breakfast on Siargao Island

Buddhas Surf Resort – General Luna

I read some fantastic reviews online about Buddhas so we went here in search of vegan cake and ice-cream. They didn’t have any!!

Their menu has three veggie options but we weren’t very impressed with them. I am including it anyway because their reviews have been outstanding. This place has wifi, payment by cash only and lots of seating and hammocks.

Ocean 101 – Cloud 9

Ocean 101 has a lot of vegan food on its menu but it seems to be dependent on whether they have the food available to prepare it with. Sometimes this place offers pizzas, sometimes it doesn’t. We ate veggie curry and whilst it was pretty nice, it wasn’t anything particularly special. You can pay by cash and card and there’s loads of seating in a semi-outdoor style lounge.

Homemade peanut butter
Homemade peanut butter on sale at Tag Grocery

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