Quiet Greek Islands; Small; Unspoilt & Least Touristy

Quiet Islands Greece

The Greek Islands are exquisite, & in our opinion, some of the nicest islands in Europe to visit. If you’re looking for the best place for a summer holiday in Greece, these unspoilt Greek islands that are less touristy than others, are perfect for sailing, island hopping, exploring and relaxing. So, if you fancy a quiet Greek island and wiling away your time with Greek olives, fantastic food, a cold beer or maybe an Ouzo, have a read of this list of Quiet Greek Islands & see which Greek island you think is best for you.


Antikythera, Greece
Antikythera, Greece

The Greek Archipelago

It’s unbelievable to think that Greece includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered around the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Only 227 of these islands are inhabited and many small Greek islands don’t receive that much tourism, making them perfect for visitors looking for off-the-beaten-track tranquillity and true quiet Greek Island adventures without the monotony of mass tourism. 

The only country with more islands is Finland, which has 40,000! Clearly, the weather on the Greek Islands will be far hotter and the water a little less brass. You certainly wouldn’t need a sauna to warm you up afterwards!

Despite so many islands, mass tourism seems to have only hit six of them which leaves a whopping 221 potential beautiful quiet Greek Islands for you to choose from. So if you’re looking for the best Greek island for couples or the best island for sailing or even the top 10 islands in Greece for families, read on and see what the recommendations are.


Quiet Greek Islands
Quiet Greek Islands

Quiet Greek Islands Map

These are all the quiet Greek Islands that are mentioned in this post.

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Which Are The Best Quiet Greek Islands To Visit In The Summer Holidays?

If you’re looking for a holiday to the Greek Islands from May to October, we asked some travellers which least popular Greek Islands were their favourites and these are the top, least touristy Islands they chose. Don’t forget to let us know what you think and if you book a holiday to one of these islands, let us know too.


Fava Beach, Karidi, Greece
Quiet Greek Islands


Agistri, also known as Angistri or Agkistri, is a tiny, quiet Greek island in the Saronic Gulf. It is best known for its phenomenal beaches and crystal-clear coastline. The island boasts seven amazing beaches and a number of quaint picturesque villages featuring typical white-washed Greek cottages.

In order to get to Agistri, you’ll need to head to the Port of Piraeus and find Gate E8 where the ferries and Flying Dolphins leave and head towards Agistri and the other Saronic islands (Aegina, Methana, Poros, Hydra & Spetses).

The beaches here are picture-perfect; Aponisos (€5 entry); Chalikiada (you can wild camp here); Dragonera; Mariza; Milos; Skala and Skliri beaches are all shallow, rocky and have calm waters perfect for lazing in and for snorkelling.

You’ll only get a true idea of this tiny island, covered with oregano, figs, lemons and lush pine forests by foot. Lekani Lake is a great location for hiking & biking and constitutes a wetland with rare species of plants and birds.  Alternatively, one of the best ways to explore the island is by kayak as Agistri is just 13.4 km². If this is all too energetic for you it takes just ten minutes to drive from the northernmost village of Megalochori to Limenaria in the south.

The island’s capital, Megalochori has a population of 500 people and it’s working fishing port with brightly coloured boats and nets piled up on the quayside is busy in the mornings. The village’s landmark is a windmill that dates back to 1812. In comparison, Limenaria is a sleepy little hamlet situated deep in a valley. You’ll enter from high above and see the hamlet and its glistening waters below the zig-zag road. There’s just one taverna here but if you visit on 7th July, there’s a popular folk festival.

There are very few organised activities here which make it perfect to escape the tourists and those wanting the buzz of bars and glamour. Instead, you can take a day trip to the neighbouring islands of Moni and Aegina and laze away the days at the beach sipping glorious Greek iced coffees. They are delicious.


Quiet greek islands
Snorkelling on quiet Greek islands

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Antiparos is a small island located just 4 kilometres to the west of Paros in the Cyclades group of islands. ‘Anti’ means opposite in Greek and hence you will see and hear a few islands in Greece with this prefix.

To get to Antiparos you can take the car ferry from Pounda in Paros, which takes just 7 minutes or you can take a passenger ferry from Parikia which takes around 20 minutes. Either way, the journey if not too long.

There is not a lot to do on Antiparos which is a big part of its appeal! With no airport and only one town, the activities really lend themselves to a peaceful holiday at a nice slow pace. Many people spend time at the magnificent beaches, many of which are protected from the summer wind and are great for families with small children.

The main town is picturesque and has a pedestrian street where you can explore the cute shops and visit the ruins of the Old Castle ( Kastro).  One of the main attractions is Antiparos Cave, the largest vertical cave in Europe, which has been explored over the years by such luminaries as Lord Byron, whose name you can see on one of the cave walls. There are also a lot of sea caves around the perimeter of the island and Antiparos even has its own ‘Anti’ island with Despotiko island just off the south coast, which you can access by a small ferry at St George village.

Many people also visit Antiparos as a day trip from Paros. These day-tours take in a whole day of swimming, exploring the sea caves, indulging in a great lunch and, with a bit of luck, perhaps a bit of dancing too.

Sadly Antiparos is not a secret in Greece as it is the home of Tom Hanks and his Greek wife, Rita Wilson, in Summer. They are regular participants in local events and activities but luckily the island has retained its tranquillity and appeal.

Written by Sandy Papas from Greece Travel Secrets. See more from Sandy on Facebook. 


Quiet Greek Islands, Paros
Quiet Greek Islands, Paros


Diaporos is the closest island to Sithonia on the Greek mainland. It’s situated roughly 300m east of Sithonia and ninety-minutes south-east of Thessaloniki. The only way to the island of Diaporos is by boat, which takes roughly ten minutes from the town of Vourvourou.

The island of Diaporos is surrounded by a deep bay which allows sea vessels to sail undisturbed around it. The best things to do on a day trip to Diaporos island are, of course, snorkelling and diving. The crystal clear waters surrounding the island allow for an undisturbed observation of the rich marine world there. The best places to snorkel are the Blue Lagoon and White beach, both of which offer various species to observe.

If you are a sun quencher, then it is good to visit the secluded, naturally harboured Natural Bay, which is located to the north of the island, hidden from everyone. However, Diaporos is the big sister to approximately eight other small and quiet islands in the area. If you want to explore the area by boat, you can visit the nearby islands of Peristeri, Aimpelitsi or Elia Agiou. There are lots of secluded beaches where you can feel the serenity and purity of this idyllic place.

Diaporos Island is a hidden gem of the Greek Isles. It’s not as developed as other Greek Islands and does not benefit from restaurants or cafes, except for a few private villas. Thus, it is recommended to bring plenty of food and drinkable water with you on board.

We used YOLO rent a boat to access the islands and we were happy with the service they provided. The boats are brand new, very light and also the price is not extortionate. They are a brand new company, so they were not overbooked and were patient and explained everything. Remember to book in advance though.

Written by Alexandrina from Earthosea. See more from Alex on Pinterest. 


Diaporos Island Greece
Diaporos Island Greece


If you’re seeking a quieter Greek destination for a summer getaway, you must visit one of the smaller islands of the Cyclades, Donousa, which offer almost as much variety as the more popular tourist hotspots but without the crowds of people.

Often referred to as the Emerald of the Cyclades due to its lush landscapes and turquoise waters, Donousa is a tiny island that is relatively untouched by tourism. The island centres around the main town of Stavros in the east, which is the destination for the arriving ferries from Athens, Naxos and Amorgos. Here you will find a small collection of charming hotels, apartments and B&Bs which could be your base for the trip.

Within the town, there are tavernas, churches, a handful of bars and Meltemi (or Port Beach) which you can enjoy without walking or travelling anywhere. Further afield on the island lie a number of other secluded beaches including Kedros, Livadi, Kalotaritissa and Fiokio which are just begging to be explored.

Travellers can choose to walk between beaches on the island (with hikes across the island taking a couple of hours) or can hire a fishing boat and captain to take them around the rural coastal locales. These island hikes are best enjoyed in spring when the wildflowers are in bloom and temperatures aren’t too hot. Visitors may also want to discover the Cave of the Wall and the Cave of Fokospilia, with stalactites and stalagmites creating a magical interior.

While pretty much every restaurant on Donousa serves up tasty Greek cuisine, Tzi-Tzi Taverna, Iliovasilema Restaurant and Avli are some of my favourites with traditional mezze dishes and fresh food being the order of the day.

Donousa makes a great destination for an off-the-beaten-track holiday and can also be combined with some other larger Greek islands such as Naxos, Mykonos, Astypalea and Amorgos for an island-hopping trip to remember!

Written by Chrissy from Travel Passionate. See more from Chrissy on Facebook.


quiet greek islands
Quiet Greek Islands


Folegandros may receive just a fraction of the attention of its Cycladic neighbours, Santorini and Mykonos but everyone who manages to find their way to this stunning, sparsely populated gem can’t stop raving about it.

Saying that a Greek island has fantastic scenery can be a bit redundant, however, few can boast the kind of peaceful tranquillity and untouched open spaces that Folegandros offers. While it is located on the Naxos-Milos ferry route, connections aren’t all that frequent and you may end up arriving and/or leaving in the middle of the night.

Its relaxed, underdeveloped atmosphere can mainly be chalked up to the fact it has just one real beach, Angali. An impressive little slice of sand surrounded by cliffs, but it takes more than that to draw the tourist hordes in this part of the world. No, rather than swarms of drunken sunbathers, Folegandros appeals more to scenery buffs and amateur photographers.

Much of the coastline is comprised of sheer cliffs, including one full side of the island’s main town, called Chora. The other big attraction is the Church of Panagia, its classic white elegance reached by picturesque switchbacks leading up from town where you’ll enjoy commanding views of the entire island. Which gives you an idea of just how tiny Folegandros is. In fact, it is possible to hike the entire length of it in just 2-3 hours, soaking up the incredibly expansive views along the way.

The whole place shuts down for the afternoon in the Greek version of siesta and, although Chora boasts a number of terrific fresh food and souvlaki restaurants, they always seem either just starting to open or just about to close. Whether you are strolling along a lonely cliff-side trail, wandering down a quiet alley or watching the sun dip below the horizon in silence and solitude, it is hard to imagine a more serene place.

Folegandros is definitely a quiet Greek Island and one you must surely visit if you plan on island hopping around Greece this spring or summer. 

Written by Laynni from Routinely Nomadic. See more from Laynni on Facebook.


Quiet Greek Islands
Quiet Greek Islands

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The Greek island of Kea is known for its exceptional beaches, upmarket fine dining & wine and it’s one of the best islands for walking paths and trails. Kea is not a typically Cycladic island as it has a different landscape and architecture to its island counterparts. Kea is characterised by bright, earthy tones and elegant architecture.

Ferries from Athens to Kea depart from Lavrion port in Athens and arrive at the island in about an hour. The closest airport to Kea is in Athens although other local islands have ferry services too.

Kea has seventeen beaches for you to choose from and the waters around Kea are home to several shipwrecks, including the Titanic’s sister ship, the Britannic. You can dive the shipwrecks as Kea has a number of dive shops.

Some beaches are more popular and have tourist facilities; these are Gialiskari, Koundouros (the most popular) and Korissia. The rest of Kea’s beaches are small and secluded, ideal for enjoying privacy and isolation. Rather than build new roads to remote beaches, the island has restored ancient mule tracks and waymarked them for hikers.  If you’re looking for a truly quiet Greek Island experience, Xyla beach, 15km west of Ioulida, is the most remote beach and is reached from a mule-track or by boat. Liparo beach is also very isolated and formed in a small cove shape, perfect for swimming and snorkelling too.

There is no shortage of magnificent ancient ruins to explore here either. The ancient city of Karthea includes the Doric temple of goddess Athena (late 6th century BC) and the archaic Temple of Pythion Apollo (530 BC). In the valley of Vathipotamos, there’s also the Temple of Demetra (3rd century BC) along with a theatre (1st century BC). The Archeological Museum of Kea exhibits parts of the Temple of Athena and other parts of this ancient city.

The Lion of Kea, an ancient stone carving, is a short hike away almost in the centre of the island.  The Lion of Kea, or Lionda, is one of the most famous sights of Kea and is carved out of stone. According to mythology, Kea was once known as the Water Island and was given the name Ydroussa.


Quiet Greek Island


The Cycladic Islands are famous for several things – their pristine white-washed architecture, their stark and uncompromising landscape, their jewel-toned seas, and – sometimes – their magnetic international draw. However, the sheer crowds of places like Santorini and Mykonos outweigh any benefit.

Don’t be discouraged though, there are also very quiet Cycladic islands, where you can have these pleasures to yourself. One of the very best of these is Kimolos, in the southwest of the Cyclades, very near the much larger Milos.  Islands don’t get more pristine than Kimolos – the very name of the island comes from the word for “chalk”, and Kimolos glows bright white with it – from the pure white dirt roads to the pale sands. The effect on the Aegean waters is hypnotic – undiluted shades of turquoise and deep blues.

Kimolos has a lot to offer the tourist although it’s in no way touristy. There is just one town – “Chorio” – where you’ll find traditional tavernas, a few very tasteful shops, and some wonderful cafes. There are also artisanal bakeries and shops selling local cheeses and other delicacies, including fantastic wild capers.

Most people come here for the classic Cycladic village experience as well as incredible nature. In addition to many excellent beaches, there is some fantastic hiking. In fact, some of the best beaches are great hiking destinations. There are also mountainous hikes. One of the main geological features is called Skiadi – a large rock formation that provides shade. From here, you can see as far as the neighbouring islands.

For the ultimate quiet Greek island and even more seclusion, you can take a boat ride around the island Polyaigos – it means “many goats” – who are the island’s only inhabitants. That fantasy you have of jumping off of a boat into a crystal clear sea in a secret cove? This is where you experience it.

Kimolos is about 8 hours by ferry from Piraeus. It’s an enchanting journey, with stops at Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos and Milos along the way. Book your ferry here. 

Written by Amber from Provocolate. See more from Amber on Instagram. 


Quiet Greek Island
Quiet Greek Islands


Kythira, according to Greek mythology, is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and the island of Kythira is situated between Crete and the Greek mainland. It’s the most southern of the Greek Islands mentioned here and therefore should be the hottest Greek island in May.  With a population of less than 3,500 and few international tourists, it’s definitely one of the quietest Greek islands too.

You can reach Kythira from Athens by plane in less than an hour. Another option is to go there by boat from Piraeus, the Peloponnese or Crete.  However, there aren’t many direct flights from other countries and because of this Kythira is not usually busy with tourists making its beaches far less crowded than some of the more well-known islands.

One beach you will have to visit is Fyri Ammos which was awarded a Blue Flag for its clean waters although there are several unknown beaches as well that will be completely empty even in the summer. As these secluded inlets can be more difficult to reach you’re better off renting a motorbike instead of a car and don’t forget that empty beaches don’t come with umbrellas so bring your own means of protection from the sun.

If you’re travelling with young children you will fall in love with the beach of Diakofti. Although it’s the main port of the island, there’s a stunning beach just before the bridge that brings you to the port. The water on this sandy beach is very shallow for many meters, and Diakofti doesn’t get any winds from the north that could create waves.

Even if you’re not keen on spending a lot of time at the beach you will appreciate Kythira’s beauty. The island is perfect if you like to hike with its many gorges and waterfalls. One of the most popular, child-friendly, hikes on the island is the one exploring the waterfalls and windmills around the village of Mylopotamos. The hike should take you around 2 hours and will show you a different side to Kythira.

If history is your passion you will love the examples of Venetian architecture on Kythira. The island used to be under Venetian rule, and you can still find evidence of this in the fortresses in the capital (Chora) and in Avlemonas. These fortresses provide spectacular views of the picturesque island.

If you’re not self-catering there are several small taverns in the different towns on Kythira for you to try some traditional Greek food. But if you’re vegan it’s best you check this vegan guide to Greece before you go so you know which dishes cater for plant-based eaters.

Kythira definitely has something to offer every type of traveller but if you love nature and beaches you will leave a piece of your heart on this quiet Greek island.

Written by Nina from Lemons and Luggage. See more from Nina on Instagram. 


Quiet greek islands Kythira
Quiet greek islands, Kythira


When you see the bleached cliffs, white sand and turquoise waters of Lefkada, you’ll find it hard to believe that more people don’t come to this hidden gem in the heart of the Ionian Sea. Lefkada Island is one of Greece’s most incredible natural beauties and an off-the-beaten-path destination perfect for anyone looking for a quiet Greek Island vacation.

Spring and summer are the perfect time to discover the island’s many beaches. For a day of sunbathing, swimming, and beach games head to Mylos Beach or Porto Katsiki beach. Their long white stretches of sand are undeveloped and can only be reached by descending the trail or steps down to the beach but that is part of their charm.

For something more lively head to Vassiliki Beach. You can swim here and there are lots of nearby restaurants. However, it has garnered it’s fame as one of the top windsurfing destinations in Europe. If you are new to the sport there are lessons and equipment at nearby shops. As well as other adventure activities like scuba diving trips and kayak tours available.

From Vassiliki Beach, you can take a boat to explore harder-to-reach Lefkada beaches like Agiofili Beach. The beach is insanely picturesque and the water is crystal clear. You can lounge on the beach or if you don a snorkel you’ll spot little fish skirting around the underwater boulders.

To get to Lefkada you don’t need to take a ferry. There is a bridge to the mainland so you can rent a car and drive if you are coming from Athens or Thessaloniki. The drive is about 5 hours from either city.

You could spend a lifetime exploring the beaches of Lefkada however, for a spring or summer vacation we would recommend you spend no less than 3 days to a week on the island. This will give you plenty of time to see the islands top attractions without rushing around.

Written by Oksana & Max from Drink Tea & Travel. See more from Oksana & Max on Facebook.

Fancy exploring The Ionian Sea? Have a look at this cruise around 7 different islands, including caves and beaches or hire your own boat and cruise around at your leisure

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Quiet greek islands Lefkada
Lefkada, Quiet Greek islands


Lemnos, which is also known as Limnos, is one of the quietest islands in Greece. This rather large island in the blue Aegean sea is not part of the main circuit of destinations visited by the crowds of tourists that Greece receives every summer. Lemnos is a lovely island with relaxing vibes and beautiful beaches making it a perfect summer holiday on a quiet Greek Island.

Lemnos is connected to Athens and Thessaloniki airports and in summer, more conveniently, to Kavala harbour in northern Greece. The car ferry from Kavala to Myrina takes about 3.5 hours and you can also get ferries from Lavrio and Iraeus although these take considerably longer.

Since it is not so touristy, Lemnos ticks two important boxes, it is a budget-friendly holiday option where you can almost be guaranteed solitude and space.  You can explore the traditional villages inland, the ancient ruins of Kavirio and the castle in Myrina, Lemnos island’s capital.

Myrina, Lemnos Island is a foodie’s paradise, with seafront restaurants and traditional Greek taverns sitting in the colourful harbour. This is the place to relax in the evenings and enjoy fresh food specialities as well as traditional Greek dishes. Don’t forget to try the local wine or maybe even visit some of the local vineyards.

You can easily spend an entire week exploring the different sandy beaches all around Lemnos island. The sunbeds and umbrellas are usually free to use in Greece, as long as you buy drinks from the beach-bar. If you want to pursue more energetic activities, head over to the eastern side of the island where you can try watersports like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

You can find accommodation in small hotels by the sea or in traditional houses in the mountainous villages across the island.

Written by Anda from Travel For A While. See more from Anda on Facebook. 


Quiet greek islands
Lemnos, Quiet Greek Islands


Lipsi, an Oasis of Serenity, known for its tranquil nature and now promoting ‘no swimming pool holidays’.

The phenomenally gorgeous & idyllic Lipsi Greek Island is promoting itself to be a more sustainable island and there are enough small and isolated coved beaches to make it perfect for a quiet holiday.

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Lipsi Island Holidays


To reach Patmos from Athens, you’ll need to catch the ferry from Piraes which takes roughly 7 to 8.5-hours (depending on stops along the way). If you take an overnight ferry, I recommend a cabin as you can get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed.

There are several beaches on Patmos, but the best by far can only be reached by hiking (over two hills, a small mountain, and a donkey track) or by boat. Totally worth it and there’s a taverna when you get there for food and drinks.

Chora, the capital, has wonderful views as it is at the highest point on the island. It was built around the Monastery of St John during the 12th century. Take a tour of the monastery and the Cave of the Apocalypse, but make sure to wear appropriate clothing. Get lost in the town, it’s one of those beautiful whitewashed Greek towns and you may have it to yourself.

There are places to eat and drink everywhere you turn, but some favourites were the taverna at Psili Ammos, the taverna on the beach at Grikou, and the taverna at Lambi Beach. See a trend? Rent a scooter in Skala, it’s the best way to get around. There is also quite a good bus system on the island.

I have experience with only one place to stay on Patmos, and that was the wonderful hills above the town of Grikos. It has great views over the bay at Grikou and several different apartment sizes for however many you may have in your group.

If nightlife isn’t your thing and you want a relaxing and interesting stay on a Greek island, Patmos may be right for you. We loved this quiet Greek Island and all it had to offer.

Written by Theresa from Adventures In Middle-Aged Travel. See more from Theresa on Instagram. 

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Samothraki is a relatively small island in the North Aegean Sea, quite close to Turkey.  Lovers of nature and solitude will enjoy the quiet island of Samothraki (also known as Samothrace), which is one of the least visited Greek islands by tourists.

Samothraki has no airport and the most dependable connections are with the mainland, there are several ferries per week from Kavala and four boats per day from Alexandroupoli. Getting there can be a challenge but this is why this Greek island is a must-visit and definitely quieter than most Greek Islands.

Your first introduction to the island will be via the port town of Kamariotissa—a small but bustling village that consists mostly of a long narrow main street that runs along with the harbour’s edge. Here you’ll find a string of cafes, restaurants. One of my favourite restaurants was Akrogiali Taverna when you could eat all kinds of dishes. There are hotels and apartments in town (most of right behind the main street).

If you head out of town on the main road for about 14 km, you will come to Therma, which a pretty town with lush foliage that surrounds and runs through the middle of it.  Your sightseeing should begin with a trip around the island. The boat Samothraki makes all-day trips that include a brief history and some remarkable views you cannot see otherwise, as well as swimming stops at several beaches and a cookout. After this, you should go to the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. In addition to the Sanctuary itself which warrants several hours of hiking and contemplation.

Another destination should be the Fonias River, called the killer because of the massive floods that sweep down it every spring. A 30-minute walk along a boulder-strewn and the tree-shaded path lead you to a lovely waterfall and swimming basin. For the committed hikers, it is possible to make it to the top of the 1611- meter high Mount Fengari, the place from which the god Poseidon legendarily watched the Trojan War.

Pachia Ammos is a gorgeous beach on the south shore, which is nestled between two arms of rock that extend into the sea, with dramatic cliffs rising above it. The beach is accessible by bus from
Kamariotissa.  To relax from your exertions, try the sulfur springs of Therma there is a commercial spa in town or you can walk up the road to the right of the spa to find two free locations.

Samothraki is one of the most magnificent islands that I’ve ever been to and definitely a quiet Greek Island perfect for anybody looking for a secluded stay.

Written by Alex from Szallas Gyergyoban. See more from Alex on Instagram. 


Quiet Greek Islands
Quiet Greek Islands

Look for things to do on Sifnos


One of the most serene and relaxing destinations to add to any quiet Greek island hopping itinerary is Sifnos.

The island of Sifnos is an unknown gem in the Cyclades island group which is easily reached from Athens by high-speed ferry. The island’s port and ferry terminal is located in the city of Kamares. There you’ll find a picturesque beach with restaurants and seating in the sand.  There is a selection of hotels, restaurants and boutiques and if you’re looking for a keepsake from your trip, buy some pottery on Sifnos. The island is known for its clay and the fine craftsmanship of their pottery. In Kamares you can rent a car and there is a bus stop which you can use to explore other sites on Sifnos.

The largest city on the island is Apollonia, located on the highest point of Sifnos. There you will find many more restaurants, shops, iconic whitewashed buildings with stone walking streets weaving around the town. The main nightlife is in Apollonia but you will find cosy tavernas and intimate, rooftop bars, far different from the clubs and dance parties on other islands.

Sifnos is also known for the beautiful white sand beaches such as Vathi Beach and Chrysopigi. Most have a public changing area and refreshment stands with sun chairs and umbrellas that you can rent. If you visit the beach at Chrysopigi you can also explore the stunning Chrysopigi Monastery. It’s full of art and Christian icons in a seaside whitewashed building that looks like it’s lifted off a postcard. The island is also known for great sailing conditions where you’ll find perfect winds and turquoise waters. There are many sailing companies that offer full and half-day sailing excursions around the island.

Overall Sifnos is easy to reach, affordable to visit and full of wonderful things to do and explore. It’s a quiet island in the Cyclades that is anything but boring!

Written by Derek and Mike from Robe Trotting. See more from Derek and Mike on Facebook. 


Quiet Greek Islands, Sifnos
Quiet Greek Islands, Sifnos


Spetses is one of Greece’s most idyllic and charming islands. Located in the Saronic Gulf, the island is only accessible by boat and the journey from Athens takes around 3 hours.

There are 21 passenger-only ferries a week to the island from Piraeus, and they must be booked in advance as they quickly sell out. Spetses is known for being one of the more romantic islands and a favourite amongst residents of Athens due to its quiet ways and insane beauty.

As you step off the boat onto the island, you will be greeted by the charming main town of Spetses that climbs up the hill away from the shoreline. There are very few cars on the island with only residents being allowed to own them. However, it is possible to hire mopeds and quad bikes to travel around the island, which makes for a more serene setting.

The main town is split into two parts. You will arrive in the larger, newer part of the town but if you head left from the dock and walk around the headland, you will find the amazing old harbour.

The old harbour is one of the best places to eat on the island and the traditional taverners will serve up wonderfully fresh seafood that has been caught that day. There are so many good restaurants there, but I recommend trying Mourayo which is right on the water’s edge.

Spetses is known amongst the Greeks for its jaw-dropping beaches. For a livelier scene, head west along the coast from the main town and you will find the long and sprawling Kaiki Beach.

Alternatively, you can rent bikes and search for one of the more secluded beaches that dot the island, especially if you head to the opposite side of the island from the main town. Due to the island’s small size and lack of traffic, it is perfect for hiking and cycling with routes circumnavigating Spetses and crossing through the middle of the island. I, personally, enjoyed a fun hike to the lighthouse just past the old port.

If nature and hiking aren’t your idea of fun, you can learn all about Greece’s rich naval history here because Spetses was formerly a huge naval base and played an integral part in Greece’s battle for independence. I recommend checking out the Bouboulina museum to fully understand the history of the area.

Written by Megan Starr. See more from Megan on Facebook.



Quiet Greek Islands
Spetses, Quiet Greek Islands

Megan Starr


A few years ago we were looking for a quiet Greek island for the May school holidays and Thassos (Thasos) came up in our search. I guess I thought that with ‘quiet’ would come a lack of amenities, a poor mans Greece or a shortage of good accommodation but Thassos was none of the above.

It had its hey-day in the 1980s and some holiday-makers from that era still rebook each year, they’ve found their quiet little Greek haven and I’m guessing they want to keep it a secret! Add to that a handful of rich Russian oligarchs and you’re left with a beautiful island that caters for some old faithful tourists and some new youth with cash. You’re just as likely to come across glamorous 5-star hotels as you are quaint little bed and breakfasts, or tiki-style beach bars next to elite instagrammable venues like the Karnagio Beach Bar.

In short, Greece’s most northern island is a lush little gem that seems to have escaped the masses (perhaps it’s the 75-minute ferry ride from Kavala airport to Limenas Town which puts people off) so still retains a lot of old-world charm. The green slopes and paradise beaches are enough to draw you in but once you are there its the warm welcome from locals that makes you want to stay.

There’s a lot to be said about a place having just the right amount of tourism, don’t you think – hotel owners and restaurants are happy for your business and haven’t developed a resentment for too many tourists trampling their island.

We hired a car for a few days of our holiday and explored the inner island and some hidden coves too. Thassos has a rich history with some ancient sites and equally ancient local traditions, like bee-keeping and marble-quarrying, so there is plenty to do in Thassos if you’re up for a bit of exploring.

Written by Alex from My Lifelong Holiday. See more from Alex on Facebook. 


Thassos, Greece
Thassos, Greece. Quietest Greek Islands

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