The vegetarian (friendly) Marrakech restaurants you’ll want to visit

Being vegan (or vegetarian) in Marakech is relatively easy IF you want to eat vegetable couscous, vegetable tagine or bread all day. So if you’re a bit like us and bored of couscous after three meals, it’ll be a little uninspiring.

Here are the vegetarian and vegan friendly places in Marrakech that we’ve tried and more importantly recommend. If there’s a restaurant we don’t recommend, we just left it off the list.

Earth Cafe

We ate dinner here one night, around 8pm. Everything is vegetarian with a few vegan options.

The cafe is on a dirty backstreet and is quite small. The entrance door is quite small and I nearly missed it. On three levels, the higher levels are without proper windows or roof, so open-air, and we were a little bit chilly. It was winter though. The decor doesn’t look the cleanest and the lighting is very dim.

The menu was limited but relatively flavoursome. We had tasty veggie burgers (that come with no bread), spring roll with winter squash and a range of freshly squeezed juices.

The prices are reasonable but more expensive than Moroccan. Expect to pay about 20 dinar for a juice and about 40-70 dinar for a meal.

You order downstairs and then take your seat upstairs. One staff member was really nice and friendly but the the other was reluctant to bring our plates upstairs.  The toilet was in a usable condition.

This place only accepts cash.


Earth cafe. Vegetarian spring rolls. Samsung S7 phone photo.


Earth cafe. Veggie burger. Samsung S7 phone photo.


A late lunch here about 2:30pm.

This restaurant is quite central and easy to find. You’re welcomed on the door by a maitre d’.  The open kitchens downstairs are spotless and there are a multitude of levels and spaces to sit and eat. All areas looked very bright, colourful and clean with nice decor throughout. We chose to eat upstairs on the lower sun terrace.

The sun terrace is lightly shaded and in the sun it is delightful. I think we spent about 3 hours here!

The menu comprises of cold starters, hot starters, mains and desserts.  Of around twelve starters, at least ten were vegetarian and a number vegan.  We ordered the soup, a hummous plate and a vegetarian pastilla for starter and a couple of sharing plates for main course. I won’t tell you what we ordered for dessert because that will tell you how naughty we were!

The prices are definitely European. Expect to pay between 70-100 dinar for starters, main courses and desserts. It was a hefty bill but I cannot praise it enough.

The staff are wonderful, friendly and on hand immediately. The toilets were in immaculate condition.

This place accepts cash & card.


Nomad restaurant. Nikon D800


Nomad hummous plate. Nikon D800


Nomad vegetarian main dish. Nikon D800


A naughty little dessert sneaked its way in. NIkon D800


Nomad restaurant. Nikon D800

Zeitoun Cafe

A Moroccan breakfast.

On the square of the Jemâa el Fna is this multi-floored cafe. We sat upstairs on the covered sun terrace and ate a vegan breakfast.  We ordered Moroccan pancakes (which are made with semolina flour), orange juice, mint tea etc.

The service was quick but not particularly accurate as they messed up our order twice. It was clean and the toilets were in good condition.

The prices were mid-Moroccan. Expect to pay about 30-40 dinar for breakfast. In total we paid 166 dinar for five breakfasts which is very reasonable in Marrakech.

Their lunch and dinner menu has a wide variety of apertising vegan and vegetarian dishes for between 50-70 dinars. They include quinoa salad, lentil salad as well as couscous and tagine.

This place only accepts cash.


Thank you to Pinterest for this photo


Thank you to Pinterest for this photo

 Kessabine Cafe

We stopped here for Moroccan dinner.

The menu has a number of vegetarian and vegan dishes including couscous and vegetable tagine but also green bean tagine (served with marinated lemons) and onion tagine.

Prices for main meals ranged between 30-70 dinar which is incredibly reasonable considering it’s located in the main square. We sat downstairs and the service was good although we were cold as the main door was left open.

The toilets were clean but basic.

This place accepts cash & card.


Thank you to for this photo.

Restaurant Portofino Marrakech

An Italian-Moroccan restaurant with a football theme for lunch. It’s on the outside of the Medina located opposite the large mosque.

This restaurant offers vegetarian Italian and vegan Moroccan food. The kids said their veggie pizzas were good however staff’s knowledge & understanding of veganism is lacking.  I found a pasta stuffed with spinach and after clarifying it could be made with a tomato sauce, it arrived and contained ricotta! It was very tasty and I wasn’t going to waste it but I wouldn’t have chosen it if I’d known.

The service was ok although the staff were all friendly. Toilets were of a good, clean standard.

Prices are medium European and this place accepts cash & card.


Thank you to for this image

Cafe Clock

We ate an all day breakfast and some desserts here. They were horrible and shop bought with awful stodgy sauces and un-ripe fruit.  The tables were dirty and they messed up our order. I don’t recommend you eat here.

The fresh smoothie was nice but nothing special.

The only reason I am including it here is because they do yoga on a Saturday morning and most evenings they have music or run art sessions.

This place only accepts cash.


Our youngest and her smoothie.

Henna Art Cafe

Late lunch, early dinner.

A range of food served here which is both vegetarian and vegan and European inspired.  The food was quite bland but it was freshly prepared and cooked. I ordered some hummous and got a side plat full of hummous with an olive on the top. It was a bit bizarre.

We also ordered a fresh fruit smoothie which was delicious. Prices were reasonable. The smoothies were 20 dinar and the food was priced between 40-70 dinar.

The cafe is clean and spread over split floors.  The downstairs comprises of art work and henna ladies. The toilet was in a clean but rustic condition.

This place only accepts cash.


Imogen’s vegetarian avocado and carrot salad. Nikon D800


The menu at Henna Art Cafe. NIkon D800


Richard’s vegetarian falafel sandwich. Nikon D800

Kasbah Cafe

Stopping for late lunch opposite the tombs.

This place offers a small selection of vegetarian and vegan options.  Don’t be put off by the limited selection because what they do have tastes wonderful and it’s definitely freshly prepared. I can really recommend the ‘4 salades Marocaines’ which was a tantalising plate of courgette salad,  pepper salad, aubergine salad and mushroom salad.

The prices are expensive for Morocco and it is definitely a tourist restaurant. We paid between 55-70 dinar for our starters, which were a good size and were ample for a lunch.

Service was mediocre as they messed up our order but they rectified it immediately. The toilets and the cafe were clean.

This place accepts cash and card.


Kasbah restaurant. Avocado salad. Samsung S7 phone.


Vegetarian pastilla. Samsung S7 photo.


Quad of Moroccan salads. Samsung S7 photo


Interior of Kasbah restaurant. Nikon D800

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