Where To Stay On Lake Como With Kids

Lake Como

Are you looking to take a holiday on Lake Como in Italy?  If you want to visit Lake Como with kids and looking for recommendations on where to stay, we’ve compiled this post for you. The Italian Lakes are great for holidays with children and here we recommend a number of different areas along Lake Como for you to stay.

*Updated 2023.


Lake Como with kids
Lake Como

Lake Como Is Big!

Lake Como is about 29 miles (47 km) long and up to 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, with an area of 56 square miles (146 square km) and a maximum depth of 1,358 feet (414 metres). It’s really big and looks like an inverted Y-shape.

The places we recommend are located on the map with a pin.

It’s best to have a a car of your own so you can visit at your leisure. If you’re not driving there, click here to see how much car rental might cost you.

Where Could You Stay On Lake Como?


Malgrate is a small town on Lake Como’s south-eastern shores. If you’re looking for an authentically Italian place, this is a good place to be and we recommend it. 

There are lots of Italian restaurants serving big, mouth-watering dishes, big grassy areas for sitting and eating out, there’s a small purpose-built beach where you can sunbathe and a boardwalk that stretches for over a kilometre.

The waters are very clear and you can swim, snorkel, canoe and sail from here.   It is a very Italian area and when we stayed, we were the only foreigners there.

You could stay at  I BRAVI, a self-catering apartment in the centre of Malgrate although there are lots of local choices. Alternatively use this interactive map to search for your own place.

Lake Como
Our family swimming in the waters of Malgrate. Go Pro photo.
Lake Como
The waters of Malgrate

Things To Do Near Malgrate

How About Staying In Bellagio?

Described as the pearl of Lake Como, Bellagio is heaving with people and cars. It’s a hub of noise and different languages and has a lively ambience.

Bellagio has a big history and its tiny, cobbled steep pathways that run through its old town are a reminder of this. There are loads of restaurants some authentically Italian, some catering for the tourist. Prices are higher than normal.  A lot of effort has been taken in the upkeep of Bellagio and it is awash with bright colours and lovely smells.

RELAI AI CAMPI a self-catering apartment just a kilometre from the centre of Bellagio or have a look at the vast array of places on this interactive map.

Beautiful Bellagio Lake Como
Beautiful Bellagio
Lake Como
Sculptured pathways of Bellagio

Things To Do Near Bellagio

Stay In Lezzeno

This photo was taken from the balcony of Aurora Restaurant where we had a wonderful vmeal overlooking this glorious part of Lake Como.

Below the restaurant is a water park where you can jump on water trampolines, hire boats & deck chairs and even have a go at wake surfing. Perfect for spending an afternoon, relaxing in the sun or even a longer stay.

CASA VALLI is a 2-bedroom apartment in the centre of Lezzeno or alternatively, there are plenty of self-catering choices in the area.

Italian Lakes With Kids
Lezzeno: Italian Lakes With Kids

Things To Do Near Lezzeno

Where to stay Como?

If you don’t have a car, Como would be a good place to stay. It’s busy, there’s lots going on, you can book tours from here and catch the ferry around.

Como is a prime tourist area so if you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, this might not be it, but if you like the hustle of business and you want to use somewhere accessible to explore the rest of Lake Como, it might be great.

Things To Do In Como

Stay In Torno

Torno is lesser-known in tourist terms but still receives a good number of visitors. It is certainly much quieter in contrast to Como.

Situated on a headland that juts out into Lake Como, it is surrounded by the mountains of Monte Boletto (1236 m) and is famous for its villas, one of which is now owned by the royal family of Saudi Arabia. There are a number of nice walks in this area that lead up to the Montepiatto rock formation.

Stay in this beautiful 2-bedroom villa overlooking the town and Lake or search for your own using the map below.

Lake Como with kids
Torno on Lake Como

Staying In Mennagio

Ideal if you like a combination approach of sightseeing, spending time on the Lake and hiking. There is a lovely promenade and has lots of flat areas if you have mobility concerns.

Menagio is less busy than Bellagio but still receives a good number of tourists. From here you can catch the ferry to Como in roughly 90 minutes.

Mennagio has a good-sized campsite with access to the water and hires out plenty of canoes and pedal boats. There are also a number of beaches although remember they’re all shingle and stone rather than sand.

Lake Como
Lake Como

Spend Time In Gera Lario

Found on the northeastern shores of Como, Gera Lario has a much more remote village feel to it, in comparison to the bustling towns I’ve mentioned above.  It is definitely quiet here and perfect if you’re looking for a tranquil retreat.

Gera Lario is well known for its water activities of windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking.  There are plenty of hiking trails around here as well as a bird sanctuary.

Stay Near Olgiasca

Olgiasca is possibly the quietest place on this list. It sits on a tiny peninsula and is described by Places in the World ranking as a petite village that holds “very small place” status.

If you’re looking for loads of things to do, this possibly isn’t the place, however, the old town holds a charm with its cobbled street and there’s a working monastery.

When I’m in the middle of some sort of existential crisis, I often think about the serenity and peace of Olgiasca and it brings a certain relaxation over me.

lake Como places to stay


Varenna is much more typical of what you’d probably think of if I said ‘Lake Como’ to you. Brightly coloured houses, that Italian sense of life and although it is small it isn’t as peaceful as Olgiasca.

Home to that elegance that often shrouds Italian towns, Varenna has large villas, botanical gardens and a promenade with steps leading down to the lake. Beautiful architecture is surrounded by the lush fragrance of blooming flowers, there is also an old town and not to forget the castle too.

Varenna Lake Como

Things To Do In Varenna


On the eastern side of the lake sits medieval Lierna which is a semi-exclusive yachting area.  Home to a castle and a park, it isn’t really known as a tourist destination.

The cove here is grassy and leads down to the banks of Lake Como.

Click here to see this dreamy lakeside house or use the map below.

Lierna on Lake Como.
Lierna on Lake Como.

Mandello del Lario

Home to Moto Guzzi—the Italian motorcycle manufacturer – Mandello is quiet but colourful. Full of alleyways to explore, a Baroque church and a bell tower, it is also host to the Moto Guzzi Museum. Over 150 models of motorbikes of all types are on display here, including the first motorbike built by Carlo Guzzi in 1919.  Every year the town hosts the Mandello del Lario International Motorcycle Rally, which welcomes thousands of motorcyclists of all ages!

The beach here is really quite large and has a nice promenade and park with trees. There are plenty of hiking trails leaving from the village and a number of restaurants dotted around.

Stay in this Agriturismo centre in Mandello del Lario or use the map to search for other possibilities.

Mandello del Lario
Mandello del Lario

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