Where To Stay Lake Como With Kids

In 2016 we undertook an enormous roadtrip covering ten countries in just thrity-one days. To finish off the trip, we stayed in Lake Como, Italy. If you’re wanting to visit Lake Como with Kids and looking for recommendations on where to stay, read on.

Note: You can see photos from the road trip over on Instagram at #10countries31days.


Lake Como with kids
Lake Como

Fancy Staying In Malgrate?

Malgrate is a small town on Lake Como’s south-eastern shores. There are big grassy areas for sitting and eating out (lots of restaurants), there’s a small purpose built beach where you can sunbathe and a boardwalk that stretches for over a kilometre.

The waters are very clear and you can swim, snorkle, canoe and sail from here.   It is a very Italian area and we were the only foreigners staying there.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more authentic, this is a good place to be and we recommend

I BRAVI a self catering apartment in the centre of Malgrate.

Lake Como

Our family swimming in the waters of Malgrate. Go Pro photo.

Lake Como

The waters of Malgrate

How About Staying In Bellagio?

Described as the pearl of Lake Como, Bellagio is heaving with people and cars. It’s a hub of noise and different languages.

Bellagio has a big history and it’s tiny, cobbled steep pathways that run through it’s old town are a reminder of this. There are loads of restaurants some authentically Italian, some catering for the tourist. Prices are higher than normal and if you’re vegan (like us) it’s almost impossible to find something to eat other than a salad.  A lot of effort has been taken in the upkeep of Bellagio and it is awash with bright colours and lovely smells.

We recommend that you stay in:

RELAI AI CAMPI a self catering apartment just a kilometre from the centre of Bellagio.

Lake Como

Beautiful Bellagio

Lake Como

Sculptured pathways of Bellagio

Could You Stay In Lezzeno?

This photo was taken from the balcony of Aurora Restaurant where we finally managed to find some vegetarian/vegan friendly food.

Below the restaurant is a water park where you can jump on water trampolines, hire boats & deck chairs and even have a go at wake surfing.

Perfect for spending an afternoon, relaxing in the sun or even a longer stay.

We recommend that you stay in:

CASA VALLI a 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of Lezzeno.

Lake Como


Where Else Could You Stay?

Lombardi has plenty of beautiful places to stay. If you don’t like our suggestions have a look here


Decided Against Lake Como?

Maybe there’s somewhere else we’ve been that might inspire your future travels?

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