10 reasons to choose Villasimius Sardinia for your next beach holiday

Are you looking for a beach holiday with near-perfect white sand beaches, shallow turquoise coves and crystal-clear waters?  A Villasimius Beach holiday, whether it be winter or summer, is definitely your place to go.

Why you should choose Villasimius For a Beach Holiday

Villasimius sits on the far south coast of Sardinia in Italy.  It’s Italy’s second largest island (and the second largest island in the Med too) but its closest neighbour is Corsica (France) which is just a short boat trip away.

Sardinia has 2,000km of coastline and unlike Italy and Sicily, it is NOT earthquake-prone. The climate down in the south is also very mild with an average winter temperature of 11 to 17 °C raising to 20-24 °C in the spring and summer to 26 to 30 °C.

If that hasn’t sold you, it has some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen and with white sand, rocky coves, protected bays and marine life such as dolphins and turtles, you’d be sure of a fantastic beach holiday.

The beaches around Villasimius are nature’s playgrounds at their best.  Here are our top ten Villasimius beaches and why we think you’ll love them!

The Beach Of Cala Pira

Cala Pira (opens in new tab) with its very shallow waters, white sand, rocks and warm rock pools is a perfect family beach for young children especially.

Older children could venture out beyond the rocks for some snorkelling, paddle boarding or canoeing.

Villasiumius Beach
Villasiumius Beach Holiday

Porto Giunco; As A Villasiumius Beach Holiday?

Under the tower of Giunco is a small and secluded spot deep enough for confident swimmers and snorkellers. Its point borders the choppier waves which are also just as clear but much deeper. Porto Giunco 

Porto Giunco Sardinia
Porto Giunco as a Villasiumius Beach holiday

Capo Carbonara

Although Capo Carbonara (opens in new tab) sounds more like a pasta dish it is a rugged beach with plenty of opportunity to climb rocks, throw stones and paddle.

You can explore the island’s mining history of Cava Usai here too. This is a perfect picnic beach for any weather.


Punta Molentis (maybe my favourite?)

Punta Molentis (opens in new tab) has something for everyone! Shallow waters and white sands, rocks and rock pools, areas for climbing, spectacular views, areas for snorkelling and even diving.

This beach is perfect for families of all ages.

beach holiday

Spiaggia di Sa Ruxi

Sa Ruxi (opens in new tab) which is pronounced ‘Rujee’ is our second favourite beach. A glorious protected cove which is pretty deep in some places and perfect for (slightly older children) who like snorkelling and swimming alike.

beach holiday

The Beach Of Costa Rei

The Costa Rei is a long, rugged and wild beach with waves. Great clarity, some depth and constant waves. It is an enormous beach and stretches for what feels like kilometres.

beach holiday

Spiaggia di Notteri

Spiaggia di Notteri (opens in new tab) is a long white beach next to the flamingo lake. It is perfect for sand castles, paddling and swimming in the calm waters. Ideal for families with young children.

beach holiday

Spiaggia del Riso

Spiaggia del Riso is a small and protected beach near the marina. It has an area close by with large rocks for climbing.

Villasiumius Beach holiday
Spiaggia del Riso

Spiaggi di Simius

Spiaggi Di Simius (opens in new tab) is Villasimius’s main beach and it’s long and full of white sand. It does get busy but it has lifeguards on duty. To the eastern side are rocks (Tima Aaa) that are great for children to navigate and watch the sun set from.

Villasiumius Beach
Spiaggia di Simius

The Rocks Of Timi Ama

Timi Ama (opens in new tab) is a very small area of beach that is shaded by these rocks. It is a perfect location for sunset.

Villasiumius Beach
Tima Ama Rocks and a perfect Villasiumius Beach holiday

Want A Villasimius Beach Holiday?

So, have we convinced you to have a beach holiday in Villasimius on the beautiful island of Sardinia? Let us know if we have and share how your holiday went.

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Our top 10 beaches around Villasimius in Sardinia
Villasiumius Beach Holidays

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