Chudnite Skali; The Wonderful Rocks. Bulgaria


These rocks are actually called The Wonderful Rocks, it’s not a name that I have conjured up because I think they’re wonderful… although they are quite unique.


The Wonderful Rocks

They Are Literally In The Middle Of Nowhere

Although the rocks are 4km from the village of Asparahuvo and about an hour west of Varna it does feel as if you’re in the middle of absolutely no where. However if you go on a weekend, the road and area will be full of cars, fishermen and often groups of tourists on day trips. It might be best to visit mid-week if you can.

If you’re travelling in Bulgaria and are in the area, come and have a look but don’t make a special trip just to see them. It only takes about twenty minutes to walk through them and cross over to the bank opposite for a different look.

Much like the Pobiti Kamani rocks, they’re interesting to see but you’d be disappointed if you spent a few hours in a car getting there.


The double bridge that passes by the rocks.

How to get to The Wonderful Rocks

The quickest way to get from Varna is to follow the E70 until you reach Route 208. You can use this map to self-drive there.

GPS: 42.96755, 27.29267


Rich admiring the rocks

Where Can You Park?

There are four possible places to park that include on the road, on a very steep dirt track, off road car park or off road dirt track down to the water’s edge.

Click the map pointers for more information.


The Wonderful Rocks

See The Ten Rock Needles

Declared a natural phenomenon in 1949, the area covers 12.5 hectares and the rocks sit on the edge of the Tzonevo Dam.

The Wonderful Rocks consist of three massifs containing ten unique rock needles, 40-50 meters high, shaped like castle towers. The steeply vertical rocks were formed by the effects of water and wind blowing on to the limestone.

You Can Drive Through The Rocks

Three tunnels have been blasted through the rocks entire length, where an automobile road made of crushed stones passes.

You cannot pass the road with a car at the other end due to subsidence but you can have fun driving through it. Just remember the road is narrow and you’ll need to do a six point turn somewhere to turn around.


Driving through The Wonderful Rocks


The tunnel through the rocks

The Rocks From The Other Side Of The Water

This is the view from the bridge which spans the reservoir.


The rocks from the other side of the reservoir

Other Rocks In The Vecinity

The region is especially known for its caves, rock massifs and holes. About ten minutes walk from The Wonderful Rocks is an abandoned quarry where rock climbers are allowed to climb (not being able to climb the wonderful rocks as they’re protected).

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Video Of Chudnite Skali

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Chudnite Skali or The Wonderful Rocks in Bulgaria. See the video and photos and read what we thought of it.