Beaches near Agadir Morocco which we can recommend


 If you’re visiting Agadir or Taghazout in Morocco with kids and looking for child friendly beaches, these ones we tried with our 3 kids and thought were pretty good.

Imourane Beach

There is plenty of parking here. In fact, there is a bereft looking car park with what must be space for 300+ cars. It all looks a bit decaying and in order to get to the beach you must first cross pathways full of rubble and a construction site (February 2017) but once there, the beach is long and flat.

You cannot swim here but paddling is fine, just don’t go out of your depth because the current is incredibly strong.


Taghazout Sun City Plage

Following signs for the new sun city and you’ll come across this beach. Long and flat with pounding waves. Again you cannot swim out of your depth but there’s lots going on at this beach.


La Source, Taghazout

This is an almost secret little beach that we had to ourselves! Located HERE just before La Source Hotel. There are surfers at a different section of the beach and again you cannot really swim but you can paddle and explore the rock pools.


Cowboy Beach / Plage Tanane

Further north from Taghazout is this beach which you can drive on to. Another long and flat beach with lots of rolling waves and surfers. Again, you cannot swim but you can paddle and jump the waves.


Azazoul Beach

We stumbled across this beach by accident on our way back from the lighthouse at Tamri. It is located here. I didn’t take any photos so I’ve borrowed this one from Google. Again long and flat and you cannot swim but you can paddle and jump waves.


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