Best Vegetarian Restaurants Seville: Vegetarian Tapas

Where are the best Vegetarian Restaurants in Seville that serve Vegetarian Tapas? We went to find out.

Seville is a wonderful city. The laid-back attitude of locals, the architecture, the narrow cobbled streets, the brightly coloured buildings and the roof top bars make it such an interesting place to spend time. It’s vibrant and noisy and there’s passion in the air. It’s a happy place to be…. especially for a carnivore but there’s a growing vegan scene too. Being vegetarian or vegan in Seville doesn’t have to be a chore!

Being Vegan & Vegetarian in Seville

Being vegan in Seville was a challenge for us and it has required quite a lot of preparation. Seville has a huge number of boutique tapas bars that maybe only serve one or two vegetarian-friendly dishes.  Remember also that tapas are small portions; the idea is you order six plus dishes and socially share and eat together.  In other words, if you just walk into any old bar, you’d be left ordering the same two dishes to satiate your appetite. Big problem if you’ve walked 8km across the city and spent all day on your feet and your stomach feels like it’s going to eat itself!

So here’s our list of tried and tested places of being vegan in Seville.

Breakfast, Juice & Snack Places: Best Vegetarian Restaurants Seville

Milk Away

Milk away serves great smoothies and slushies. You can design your own or go with one of their suggestions.

They accept cash and card.

Iced mint slushie at Milk Away


Soy hot chocolate, free wifi and nice seating. We camped here for a bit and read our books.

Accepts cash and card.

Amorino where we had soy hot chocolate

Puro y Bio

This shop has a corner dedicated to vegan ice cream.  The cocktails, however (despite being advertised on the vegan ice cream counter) are NOT VEGAN. The cones are not vegan but the bowls are.

Cash and card.

Puro y bio’s range of vegan ice creams: Best Vegetarian Restaurants Seville

Ideal For Lunch: Best Vegetarian Restaurants Seville

Alameda rock

I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here again but if I was in the vicinity the vegan tapas is quite nice. They frequently run out of dishes in the late afternoon.

Cash only.

Vegan tapas at Alameda Rock


This place is located inside a market which was half shut when we visited. It’s nice and colourful, light and bright and unlike most markets there was no odour of rotting fish!

I am not a massive fan of meat substitutes or vegan-meat food but the kids really wanted to eat here. The food was tasty. We ate vegan burgers and vegan hotdogs. The kids really enjoyed it. They also sell vegan cakes.

Cash & Card.

Veganetissen market

Lunch & Dinner

Arte y Sabor

Nice restaurant and really good food. It isn’t all vegan but they label vegan and vegetarian foods well.  The portions are a little small and it is maybe a little on the pricey side for lunch. Friendly staff and cosy restaurant.

They accept Cash & Card.

La Antojeria

Good tapas and friendly staff. It has unusual opening days/times though. The location is a bit far out for walking and we were tired after walking there.  It is on main bus routes though.

Cash and card.

Health food shops


A health food shop and cafe/restaurant. A little far out but a lovely vibe.


For all your toiletry requirements


Nueva Era

Sells all the usual health gubbins that you might need!

Nueva Era health food shop: Best Vegetarian Restaurants Seville

We Loved Seville

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