Ongoing quest to find deserted beaches! Drobni Pijesak Plaza, Montenegro

In our ongoing quest to find deserted beaches around the world, we found Drobni Pijesak Plaza here in Montenegro. It’s a small beach anyway but because we’re still just out of season we had it to ourselves.

The beach is located just south of Petrovac, between Sveti Stefan and Reževići coves.

Drobni Pijesak
Map of Drobni Pijesak

History of Drobni Pijesak

I’m not sure of when it was named (somewhere between the 14th and 19th century) but apparently it was due to the location being the gathering point for the heads of the Paštrovići tribe to make important decisions. The Paštrovići tribe is historically one of two major “maritime tribes” in the region, the other being Grbalj.

The name translates to something like ‘clean, colourful man’.

Drobni Pijesak Plaza

The beach is about 240m long and has a bar-restaurant (not currently open) and a mooring dock which you can dive from. The water sparkles and we were able to sit on the mooring pontoon and watch the fish. Snorkelling from this beach would be good although we didn’t take our gear with us.

The bar-restaurant will open sometime this month, probably towards the end of June. Main tourist season kicks off July 1st.


The road down from the main road is steep and twisty. There is parking on two different levels and access to the beach is through a series of narrow concrete steps however there is wheelchair access down a steep road (blocked off to cars) that leads through the bar-restaurant.

The verdict

5 thumbs up; it was secluded; quiet; swimming was good; water was clean!

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