How to register with the police authorities in Montenegro (2017)

Registering yourself with the Montenegrin authorities

We’re in Montenegro where you must register yourself within THREE days to the police authority (although you never see a policeman!)

After a lot of searching the internet, we found many convoluted and incorrect records of what to do, where to go & when to do it.  So here is what WE did.

We will update this blog as we travel to different parts of Montenegro.


All photos taken with Google Pixel phone.

  1. We visited the tourist information in Budva to pick up a white slip of paper informing us how much we had to pay. We paid €1 per day per adult and €0.50 for a child over the age of 12. There is a paying car park (cash only) right next to the centre (it has a barrier) but parking on the street is free. Parking is a little haphazard and the streets are busy.
    A little piece of white paper
  2. We went to the post office to pay the tourist tax.  He made us work out the maths and write down the amount for him. The total was €42 for a two week stay in Budva. You will need the full address of where you’re staying. We paid in cash. I didn’t see card facilities so don’t know if that’s an option. The queue in the post office was very long and we waited a good 20-30 minutes to be served. There is no air conditioning in the building and a bottle of water is advised.
    The post office is located in the bus station
    The entrance to the post office
    FINALLY, having paid our tourist tax
  1. We then re-visited the tourist information with our pink slip as proof of payment and had our passports scanned.
    Proof of payment

We are moving to Kotor next, so update to follow.