How To Get To Pag Island. Catching the Prizna Ferry With Kids

Prizna Ferry

If you’re looking to have a holiday on Pag Island and wondering how to get there or what the Prizna ferry is like, this post is for you.


Prizna ferry port

How To Drive To Pag Island

There are currently only two ways to drive to Pag Island; in the south at the Paski Most bridge and in the north from the Prizna ferry. Pag is the fifth largest Croatian island and it takes at least an hour to get from one end to the other.

What Is The Ferry Route?

The Prizna ferry route is currently served by Jadrolinija.  In the high season there are twenty-one crossings per day. In the low season there are twelve daily crossings.

The journey time for us was approximately thirty minutes and it accepts foot passengers, cars, bikes and pets. Your pet can either stay in the car (although it’s very hot) or be taken up onto the decks.

There is a small shop on board selling canned drinks.


Prizna Ferry

Should I Pre-Book The Ferry?

We did not pre-book this ferry and it cost 181 Kuna in cash (2018 prices). You can book online but I don’t think it makes any difference as it’s a turn up and wait your turn type of system.

We waited approximately half an hour for our ferry and we got out of our car and wandered around. The ferry is at the bottom of a very steep hill though.

Check the timetable.


Onboard the Prizna Ferry

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