Is Montenegro Safe? 15 photos that will make you visit


As holiday locations go Montenegro really has it all. Yet un-spoilt by mass tourism, it has an almost pristine coast line, enormous mountain ranges, nature everywhere you look, a bloody history, some really quaint villages and the best thing? Montenegro is totally safe!

Why Montenegro?

If you’re looking for something that is largely undeveloped, a little bit rustic but on the whole charming, this could be the country for you.

Here are fifteen photos that will drive your envies and make you want to visit.

The infamous horse shoe bend that sits high above Lake Skadar.
The infamous horse shoe bend that sits high above Lake Skadar.
Lake Skadar.
Hiking these mountains was brilliant.
Looking west are enviable sunsets EVERY evening. We spent five weeks there and not once did it disappoint.
lake Skadar
Montenegro is an ornithologists dream but if you’re looking for nature we found everything from wild tortoises to lake snakes.
Mountains and crystal clear waters
Blue cave, Montenegro
Montenegro’s seas of azul.
Many of Montnegro’s villages date back to the 14th century.
Budva and its waters under storm clouds. We had one storm in five weeks and it was impressive.
Did I mention how beautiful the water was? This is Drobni Plaza, a beautifully secluded beach near Budva.
Ulcinj’s sunset looks amazing in the summer months.
Mountains towering above the little village of Perast where restaurants are scattered along the waterside.
2000 year old olive trees in a grove near Ulcinj where you can visit and buy olive products.
A miniature and much warmer version of Norway! Those mountains just loom everywhere you look.
Watch the sunset from the bar on the rocks in the old city of Ulcinj.
We love the ocean and hope you do too!

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15 photos from Montenegro that will definitely make you want to visit.

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