How to find the horseshoe bend. Lake Skadar, Montenegro


This is a short post on how you can find that famous horseshoe bend that sits above Lake Skadar.  You’ll need a car for this journey as the road is only accessible from two roads that are not served by public transport easily.

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Four famous images you might recognise

If you google Montenegro you’re sure to see images from these four famous locations:

  1. The island of Sveti stefan
  2. The view over Lake Kotor
  3. The horseshoe bend
  4.  The quaint little village of Perast

I wanted a photo of that horseshoe bend (preferably at sunrise or sunset) so I went off armed with a map, the car and the kids at the height of the midday sun. The worst time ever to photograph anything but that’s how it goes when you have kids!

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Where to find the best spots

There are three spots along the same road (pavlova strana) within just a few metres of each other. The road is single carriage and quiet; however, there are several places where you can pull over and park.

See and use the map below for the three spots.

The hotel nestled in the greenery near horseshoebend

There is a hotel on Pavlova Strana which marks one of the spots and where you can park. The Gazivoda Hotel (aka the white house) is easy to spot as the only building on that section of road. It looks like this from below.

Montenegro Lake Skadar
The white hotel from Lake Skadar.

Some shots of the Horseshoe bend

Given it was midday I am not too unhappy with these shots. The foliage from up on the road can be untamed and in parts, it might block the view. You’ll just need to push it away or pull it towards you.

The famous bend
The famous bend, Montenegro
Lake Skadar Bend
Lake Skadar Bend, Horseshoeshaped
A small boat travelling to Lake Skadar
Horseshoe Bend
The famous Bend

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