Osijek With Kids, 10 Things To Do In This Croatian Corner

Osijek with kids

Osijek is a largely undiscovered area of Croatia that sits in a corner between Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia. The area is flat, rural and mostly contains small villages that look lost in time surrounded by arable farmland and tiny tractors. At first glance, it’s not the obvious place to have a holiday but Osijek has a charm that is fast disappearing from most places in Croatia due to over-tourism. But what can you actually do in Osijek with kids? Here are some child-friendly activities to do if you stay in Osijek.


Osijek walkways around the river

Visit Kopački Rit Nature Park

A fifteen minute car journey from Osijek, the Kopački Rit Nature Park is a wetland paradise (of 238 hectares) where you can walk serenely on the board walks, looking for turtles, birds, frogs, fish and more. It is one of the largest wetland areas in Europe and you can take a small boat out onto the waters where you can see truly wild animals flourishing in nature. We saw a pair of wild dogs with some pups, a few deer, birds and fish.

Learn about the history of the park and what animals you can see see here. 

Prices are in Kuna and can be found here. You can rent bikes, canoes and have deer tours. There’s plenty to do and it’s such a great area.

We recommend getting you children either binoculars or a kid proof camera.  You can see a lot by looking in the water but we’ve found it keeps their attention for longer, if they can photograph. 


Osijek National Park


Kopacki Rit National Park Pups

Get Lost At The Corn Maze

Cornfield Labyrinth Osijek is just opposite the pedestrian suspension bridge and walkable from Osijek town.

The cornfield labyrinth is spread over 8,500 square metres of farmland. For more details, you can check out their Facebook page.


Cornfield Labyrinth Osijek

Climb The Crown Fort Catacombs

Previously ruled by Turkish, Austro-Hungarian and Roman authorities, Osijek’s architecture resembles its many eras of different rule. Local rumours insist on a network of tunnels passing under the city that were used by Nazi invaders. Who knows if it’s true?

The catacombs sit on the opposite side of the river and are an intriguing space left over from the 18th-century crown fortress. It’s a nice green, open space, perfect for crazy kids & lazy picnics.


Catacombs Osijek


Barutana & Catacombs Osijek

Take A Swim At The Beach

Built in 1965, beach Kopika is on the banks of the Drava.

It features five smart benches, three changing cabins, ten smart showers, twenty new LED lighting fixtures with columns, two seating sets, and one smart tree with six USB sockets.


Beach Osijek

Splash around at the Bazeni Copacabana

Pay ten Kuna and stay for as long as you like, taking advantage of multiple pools (although they can be very busy). Website and prices.

Some locals prefer to stay immediately outside, swimming in the cool and refreshing Drava river. Be aware, this river can have strong currents though.

Buy Delicious Fruit At The Farmers market

When I took the kids into the market, they just stopped and went “WOW”. Partially inside and out, there is an abundance of every rainbow coloured fruit and the smell is amazing.

What we loved the most is that stallholders sold small portions of locally grown fruit. The raspberries were a beautiful shade of deep burgundy and the apricots were soft orange and…. Yes, we hope you love fruit as much as us!

Cross The Suspension Bridge

There are three bridges that cross the river Drava in Osijek. The pedestrian bridge is one of Osijek’s most recognisable landmarks, opened in the 1980s this suspension bridge is the most popular link between the river’s two sides.


Osijek Suspension Bridge

Stroll Or Ride Down The Promenade

It seems as if everyone in the area has a bike and rides it and Osijek boasts nearly 40 miles of bike trails.

Osijek’s promenade stretches down both sides of the river Drava for several kilometres. Popular with families, rollerbladers, joggers and cyclists, the city side is a particularly picturesque walk, taking in most of Osijek’s best sights including the old city walls.


Osijek Promenade

Get Active At The Pannonian Challenge Skate Park

Visit the biggest and most successful extreme sports park in Eastern Europe. Loads of ramps and lighting too.

Pannonian is also the organiser of the Pannonian Challenge, the largest extreme sports festival in southeast Europe. Besides sport, the festival features various music and entertainment events. It attracts plenty and features bladers, skateboarders and BNX riders over a four-day period.

Eat At Vege Lege

Vege Lege offers great veggie options at good prices and friendly service. They have a daily meal offer and a range of burgers, wraps, snacks, soups, fast food and drinks.

In the summer they have a trampoline and a ball-pool for the kids.

Opening hours and menu in English.


Festivals For Older Kids

Osijek is famous for its festivals

Where Could You Stay?

Where could you stay in Osijek? Use this interactive map to find local accommodation.

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Osijek with kids. 10 things to do in Osijek,Croatia

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