Photo journey through Machico Town Madeira

Machico town Madeira was the very first point of the island which was discovered back in 1419. It houses the oldest church on Madeira island as well as an imported beach.  If you’re wondering what Machico is like, we spent a few hours wandering its streets and here are the results. Madeira is a great place for families with kids and there are lots of things, for such a small island, to keep you busy with.

The Machico Beach & Town

The beach is at the southern tip of the town. On one side it is surrounded by mountains and imported sand and on the other a pebble beach.


The imported sand beach


The sandy beach of Machico town Madeira.

Machico town Madeira

The jetty which divides the areas: Machico town Madeira

Machico Town Madeira

A statue in remembrance of the landing date.

The Aqueduct & Bridge

The aqueduct at the northern part of the town dates back to the 15th century.


Original aqueduct



The River That Divides The Town

Dividing the town into two is the huge river bed. The river is not very fast flowing at the moment and there’s many trees. shrubs and flowers growing inside it.  There are some interesting, red-faced ducks, in there to look at too.


The river bed in Machico


Walking alongside the river in Machico.

The Church in Machico town Madeira

Built in the 15th century in honour of ‘Our Lady of Conception’, this church looms large over the centre of the town.


The 15th century church in Machico.


The view of the church from the river.

Machico town Madeira

Walking along the river, you can see the church in Machico.

The town of Machico

The town is a set of intertwining cobbled streets which play host to old buildings in a state of array.

Machico town Madeira

A painted doorway.


Town hall in Machico

Machico town Madeira

An old building now used as a shop.

Machico town Madeira

Machico high street and old buildings

Where Could You Stay On Madeira Island

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