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Five things to do in Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord Eidfjord is a small town in the region of Hardanger, two hours east of Bergen. Like most of Norway its history dates back thousands of years to the 1800’s and there’s still a few buildings that reflect these bygone times. Eidfjord is mostly a quiet and sleepy little town based at the far est end…

Street art in Stavanger

Street art Stavanger is in the south-west of Norway, a small but elegant city sat on the bracing shores of the north Atlantic ocean. Although known for its old wooden houses it has more recently been dubbed the city of street art. Stavanger hosted what is thought to be the very first street art festival in 2001,…

Shack living, Ulvik Camping

Just before I swanned off to a wedding workshop in a beautiful hotel in Eidfjord, we rented a cottage (more like a shack) in the town of Ulvik, Norway. Ulvik is located on Hardangerfjorden’s north-eastern arm of Ulvikafjorden. It has a grand total of 600 permanent residents and has been around since at least the 1800’s….

Floibanen Funicular in Floyen, Bergen is loads of fun

Floyen Floyen is a city mountain found in Bergen, south west Norway. It is home to the Floibanen Funicular which gives panoramic views over Bergen and a number of small hiking trails. This summer we spent a really nice half day catching the funicular up the mountain and hiking down. Funicular railway In the interests of…