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Spectacular Street Art & Where To Find It In Las Vegas

I don’t know what you’re looking for from Las Vegas, but we went for 4 days in search of neon lights, CSI, the Stratosphere, desert views, Red Rock Canyon, the fountains of Bellagio, Death Valley, the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam and of course the Grand Canyon.  What I was not expecting to find was an amazing coffee scene and such elaborate street art. If you’re visiting Las Vegas and are looking for something a bit more interesting than shopping and drinks, check out this walking map and see what art tickles your fancy!


The stratosphere and sunset from our AirBNB

Down Town Vegas Is SUPER Arty!

It turns out that I’ve been living under a rock for the last five years and that Las Vegas is the next big thing in street art! If you love street art and are having a weekend in Las Vegas (or even a week), you’ll not want to miss some of these.

Courtesy of Justkids, a global creative house, the street of Las Vegas have turned into a giant canvas. Working in collaboration with the Life is Beautiful Festival, they commissioned creative street artists to bring colour into downtown Las Vegas.  2017 marked the fifth year that they had been curating the project.

The streets and buildings of Downtown Vegas have been renewed by artists such as Shepard Fairey, Doze Green, Ben Eine, Interesni Kazki, D*Face and Alexis Diaz as well as many, many more and it seems to change yearly too.

Where to find the street art? A Walking Map of locations

The majority of art can be found within an eight block radius.  Between N 6th and 7th and from Ogden to Fremont Street. It’s quite a big section to cover entirely on foot though. You might want to drive some of it or soak up the ever growing cafe culture that is growing through hip and boutique coffee shops.

What Can You See

I had a quick google to see if I’d missed any art, of course I had, but the art work seems to change regularly too. More pieces seem to pop up and some of the original stuff seems to have been painted over.

See the map above, put on some comfy shoes and get traipsing the streets, is our best advice.

How To Get Around Las Vegas

The best way to get around is by driving, parking and then walking on foot. However, there are lots of hostile traffic wardens on patrol and even when Richard was dropping me off to take photos, they would chase him until he’d driven out of the area. Definitely walk or park up if you can.

Is this area of Las Vegas safe?

I’d been warned about downtown Las Vegas being unsafe but I didn’t feel in any danger walking around the streets. In fact, I was one of many and there seemed to be several professional photographers out doing portrait shoots with clients.

There were also lots of nice looking healthy, vegan type juice shops around that would have made nice points to stop off and replenish at.

Do We Have A Favourite?

I really like the buffalo and the bird but I also like the fear no fate.

It’s hard to choose a favourite when they’re all so varied. What surprised me was their size. They’re just enormous.



Which Is YOUR Favourite?

Do you have a favourite?


Tristan Eaton

There are just SO many to choose from

I’m not sure it’d be possible to have an absolute favourite with so many to chose from.  If you’re just killing a few hours in Las Vegas, this would be a great way to soak up the scene.

Why Not Book A Photo Shoot Whilst You’re There?

Whilst we were there we saw a couple of people have professional photo shoots with their kids. I felt a bit envious that they were going to get some amazing family shots in among the street art.

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So, You’re Spending a Long Weekend In Vegas? Spot Street Art!

I know the casinos are really tempting but get out and away from the strip and find a piece or two. They make great instagram photos!

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Where to find street art in Las Vegas

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