Vegan & Non-Vegan Cooking Classes In Bangkok

With so many Google pages of cooking classes in Bangkok, it took me some time to find good vegan ones and eventually pick one.  I thought that I’d save you time and make a comprehensive list of vegan cooking classes in Bangkok here. I’ve also included on-vegan ones for those that aren’t vegan.

You Might Need To Explain Veganism

When contacting the schools that offer vegan/vegetarian as well as meat options you should explain veganism. This is not to be patronising to them and I mean it with no disrespect to the Thai people.

You would NOT believe how many places think vegans eat chicken or prawns.  There are plenty of vegan options in Thai kitchens so don’t worry about not having enough ingredients to eat but it is a problem that they determine chicken to be vegan.

NO meat, NO chicken, NO fish, NO prawns/shrimp, No eggs or milk.
Vegan cooking classes bangkok
Vegan cooking classes bangkok

Don’t Care About Vegan Classes

If you’re not bothered about the class being vegan, check out these classes here.

Vegan Cooking Classes Bangkok

May Kaidee

Specifically for vegetarian and vegan students, May Kaidee offers morning and afternoon sessions.

1,500 baht for either. The lessons include 8 recipes and Thai dancing.

Helping Hands Thai Cooking School

These classes have the unfortunate name of Cooking with Poo and friends, hence why they trade under their restaurant’s name. You must inform them if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

Classes involve a trip to the Klong Toey wet market.

1,500 baht for a morning’s class.

Sompong Thai Cooking School

You’ll need to inform Sompong Cooking School that you’re vegan/vegetarian. If you’re looking for a review of this class, read that here.

A choice of either morning or afternoon class which might involve a trip to the market.

1,000 baht.

Rasayana Retreat

Although Rasayana Retreat doesn’t advertise cooking classes, they are open to holding them.

The cost is somewhere between 2-4,000 baht. Contact them for more details.

Chef Leez

You will need to book a semi-private or private class at Chef Leez and state that you’re vegan/vegetarian.

A half-day cooking class costs 2,100 baht.

Hua Hin Thai Cooking Academy

Hua Hin offers a market tour and coconut milk-making sessions for the morning classes and basic fruit carving for the afternoon classes.

1,300 for a half day of 5 dishes. 2,200 baht for a full day of 10 dishes. 800 baht for children under 12.

Bai Pai

You will need to tell Bai Pai you’re vegan/vegetarian. Course are taken in a house and the price of the ticket includes travel.

2,200 baht for a morning’s class.

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

The Silom Thai Cooking School costs 1,200 baht for a half day class of 5 dishes or 2,200 baht for a full day of 10 dishes at the BTCA.

A market tour is included as well as making coconut milk and sticky rice.

Amita Thai Cooking Classes

You’ll need to specify that you’re vegan at Amita’s .

3,000 baht for a morning class of 4 dishes.

Mrs Balbirs

Just in case you want to learn how to make vegetarian/vegan Indian food in Thailand, I have included Mrs Balbirs.

6,000 baht, students attend four classes each class consisting of five recipes.

Maliwan Thai Cooking

A market tour is included in this course which offers morning or afternoon classes. You must tell them you’re vegan/vegetarian.

1,375 – 1525 baht

Thai Cooking with Stuart

Stuart offers small, home-cooking classes with his wife Pu. He covers all areas of Thailand and his class involves a trip to the market. You’ll need to tell him you’re vegan/vegetarian.

1,250 baht +

Rembrant Hotel

Rembrant Hotel now offers cooking classes.

999 baht for a four-hour class with four dishes. You must inform them you’re vegan.

Where To Stay In Bangkok

Getting around Bangkok is easy so it might not matter where you stay. Use this interactive map to search for accommodation in Bangkok.

We stayed in this serviced apartment with a rooftop pool. I really recommend finding somewhere with a pool because the heat is quite draining and for kids, it gives them something to do and look forward to.

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