Gruesome Kids And The Mummification Museum. Things To Do In Luxor With Children

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Our kids, who cherish all things mildly gruesome, requested a trip to the Mummification Museum of Luxor. It’s a leser-known, small museum that isn’t on every tourists’ list which makes it all the more interesting. Plus you get to see instruments the ancient Egyptians used for pulling brains out of nostrils! if you’re visiting Luxor with Kids, it’s a must-see.


The Mummification Museum in Luxor

Mummification Is Weird

As if mummification wasn’t quite weird enough, this compact museum has glorified the process with some fascinating exhibits which kept our kids entertained for at least two hours. This has to be one of the only museums which has held their fascination the entire time we were there and they read all of the signs – usually out loud whilst shouting for me at the same time!

Are you on holiday in Luxor and wanting something off the beaten path? Do you have kids who are interested in something a little more gory and weird? Then this is absolutely the place for them.

Adding to the museums strangeness is the near total darkness it is kept in. Only the exhibits which are housed in glass cases have lighting – which is enough to be able to see around – and it adds to the spectacle of the experience.

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How To Explain Mummification To Kids

If your kids don’t understand what Mummification is, this video is factual, detailed but not graphic. We like this video because it explains a slight oddity compared to what is typical practice and how this body was wrapped differently

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Mummification Museum Opening Hours

9 AM – 5 PM except in winter when it shuts at 4pm

The entrance fee is Adult LE 60, Children LE 30.

I think we had to pay extra for me to take photos and absolutely no flash photography is allowed.


A Mummified Brain


Coffin containing a mummy

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Why Was Mummification Important?

The Egyptians mummified their dead because they believed that the physical body would be important in the next life. Preserving the body in as lifelike a way as possible was the goal of mummification.  Objects such as tools were also included so that the person would have them in the afterlife.


Wrapped mummy on display


A mummified crocodile

Gruesome Tools On Display

On display are the mummies of a 21st-dynasty high priest of Amun, Maserharti and a host of mummified animals. Check out this small spoon and metal spatula used for scraping the brain out of the skull. That’s after the brain was seared with a piping hot rod inserted through the nose!


Tools for the removal of the brain


A mummified cat on display

Several artefacts that were crucial to the mummy’s journey to the afterlife have also been included, as well as some painted coffins.


Mummies on display


Inside a beautifully engraved coffin

Just Too Weird? Book Something A Little less Gory

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Finding things for kids can some times be a chore but the Mummification Museum was pretty cool and our kids loved reading all the signs and telling me about the ancient practices of inserting things into the nostrils to pull the brains out. Nice!

Visit the gruesome mummification museum in Luxor with your kids. It's a fascinating insight into ancient egyptian life and is a little bit gory!