How to catch the ferry from Jordan to Egypt

There doesn’t seem to be much current information out there on how to catch the ferry from Jordan to Egypt. This is how we did it in February 2019.

Side note: This has been updated July 2023


ferry from Jordan
The ferry from Jordan to Egypt

Where to buy tickets in person in Aqaba

You must buy tickets at least five hours in advance of catching the ferry from Jordan, although the tickets remain useable for six months.

Tickets are purchased in Aqaba town, whereas the ferry actually leaves from the port about 10km out of the town. You CANNOT buy tickets at the port.

The address for purchasing tickets is: AB Maritime, Al-Batraa Street, 18. Aqaba. There is parking outside the shop and in the surrounding streets. Use the map below to download the destination on Google Maps.

*NEW* Buying Tickets Online

Fantastic news that you can now purchase tickets online through the Arab Bridge Website. 

Although we didn’t use this method, I just filled out the calendar to buy dummy tickets, quickly and effortlessly, and 4 tickets cost $320USD.  This could potentially save you hours!


ferry from Jordan
The ticket office in Aqaba

How much are the tickets?

Tickets cost 52JD (roughly $80US) (this is likely to change) and anybody over the age of two years must buy one. Basically, if you can sit in a seat, you must pay for it!

When paying for the tickets, which we did in cash (although I think you can pay by bank card too), you’ll need to provide your passport as the passport number is marked down on each ticket. 

The ticket price does not include your Departure Fee of 10JD. 


ferry from Jordan
Ferry tickets from Jordan

Where to catch the ferry from Jordan

You’ll need to make your way to the port which is roughly 10km out of the city of Aqaba.

A taxi should cost 10-15JD. Do not pay much more than this. The journey is quick and straightforward as the roads down there are newly built and in great condition.


ferry from Jordan
Outside the Jordanian port in Aqaba

When to catch the ferry?

It’s recommended that you be at the port somewhere between 8-9 pm. This is because you must go through security, have your bags checked, pay your exit fee of 10JD each and then go through passport control.

We arrived at 8:30 pm and went straight through the terminal within about 20 minutes. We were sat on the ferry by 9 pm.


ferry from Jordan
Inside the ferry terminal at Aqaba

What time does the ferry actually leave?

The ferry from Aqaba, Jordan leaves at 10 pm.

For us, it left at 10:15 pm so I’m very glad we got there at 9 pm! 


ferry from Jordan
Passport stamp and Departure Fee

What’s the ferry like?

The ferry itself is large and noisy and comprises three decks; one for the cars, one for the passengers and the third is a half floor for VIPs, single females and foreigners.

The ferry is heaving with MEN, mostly Egyptian workmen and although shortly after boarding we sat downstairs in the cattle compartment we were quickly moved upstairs. 

Downstairs the seats are covered in plastic and look like any other rows of seating you’d find on a ferry. There are TV’s and a bar that serves hot (meat) food and soft drinks.


ferry from Jordan
Seating area downstairs


ferry from Jordan
Downstairs in cattle class, where everybody stared at us.

Being moved upstairs

I’m guessing we were moved upstairs (very quickly) for our own protection because it felt like the entire ferry was staring at us.

Upstairs we benefited from four larger seats around a wooden table and clean toilets! I’d hate to imagine the toilets downstairs.

Be prepared for people on the ferry to smoke. It is disgusting and they’re not supposed to smoke, there are signs saying no smoking, but still, people do.


ferry from jordan
The seating upstairs


ferry from jordan
The ferry seating upstairs


ferry from jordan
Female toilets upstairs

Getting into Nuweiba

You’ll get into Nuweiba at roughly 12:45 am and you’ll be escorted off the ferry by a man whose sole responsibility is to care for you and make sure you leave the area safely. He notes down the car/taxi number and makes sure the taxi/van has the correct papers with it.

He was very persistent with us about catching a taxi he ordered (we’d pre-booked one but it was late) and although we took this to mean he was shady, we actually now think he just wanted rid of us quickly.

He is not able to leave you alone until you get a taxi or minibus. This is because Nuweiba Port is, quite frankly, a bit of a shit hole and there are a lot of men hanging around in the dark corners. Don’t worry, we didn’t feel in danger, but it’s something to definitely keep in mind at 1:30 am. 


ferry from jordan
Nuweiba Port

Pre-complete your Eygptian visa online

It saves a lot of hassle and makes the process much quicker if you apply for your Egyptian Visa online. The website isn’t the easiest to use but once you’ve figured it out, it’s ok. 

You can apply for your Egyptian visa at:

The single-entry tourist visa for Egypt costs: $25 plus a service fee. The standard price for the multiple-entry visa for Egypt is $60 plus the service fee. 

For all four of us, I paid £101.66.  


ferry from jordan
Egyptian passport stamp

Book Accommodation Before You Get There

It took us a very long time to get to Cairo. Nearly 10 hours, driving through the night, and that is because many of the roads are still shut due to terrorism. All the roads have checkpoints on them and your driver will need a permission slip to drive into the area. It’s all very tedious and I’m very glad we didn’t choose to self-drive because each new area you go to, requires a new permission slip.

In hindsight, driving through the night to Cairo was a mistake and we should have stayed somewhere locally. You can search for local accommodation through this interactive map.

If This Is Just too Much Hassle

consider booking a package holiday through easyjet holidays! Sometimes, a holiday should just be easy.

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How to catch the ferry from Jordan to Egypt.