Intimate Experiences: Visiting The World’s Smallest Populations

Irelands coast

What are the world’s smallest populations? There are at least 7.79 billion people on the earth right this minute with nearly 9 million people living in London alone. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, in a country with one of the world’s smallest populations that thrives with fewer than 10 million people, here are a number that we have found. Read on if you’re looking to visit one of the world’s smallest populations.

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World's smallest populations
Catch a flight to one of the world’s smallest populations

World’s Smallest Populations: Barbados

Barbados is an island paradise, located in the Lesser Antilles group of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. A small island measuring 34 km in length and 23 km wide which you can drive around in around 3 hours.

For being one of the world’s smallest populations, there is so much to do and see in Barbados and we recommend that you should spend at least 7 nights enjoying the island’s beautiful beaches, the local cuisine and its people.

The best time to visit Barbados is during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter.  The weather is pleasant and warm but it is also the height of the tourist season especially around Christmas/ New Year and Easter. The hurricane season runs from June to November during the Summer months. Accommodation prices are lower at this time but you can expect daily rain showers.

You can hire a car to tour the island. The roads are less than perfect and you can expect quite a lot of potholes especially after long periods of rain. You drive on the left-hand side of the road in Barbados.  A word of warning – roads in the middle of the island can be winding and narrow, so extra care should be taken.

Instead of renting a car, you may want to consider taking some local tours. There are several local tour operators who run a variety of tours offering half-day and full-day island tours.

A fun event not to be missed is to head down to Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night in the fishing village of Oistins. For BBD$35 you can enjoy freshly cooked fish with 2 sides and a beer. There are local bands playing and fun things for the family to enjoy.  It can be busy with tourists and locals so we recommend that you arrive around 6 pm to reserve a table, you may have to share with others depending on the size of your party.

Don’t miss this island paradise with one of the world’s smallest populations!

Written by Jane & Duncan from To Travel Too. See more from Jane & Duncan on Instagram. 

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One of the world's smallest populations. Barbados Turtle
A Barbados Turtle In A Country With One Of The World’s Smallest Populations

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Bahrain has everything you would expect from a Middle Eastern country with modern architecture, traditional culture, history and great cuisine. For the visitor, it also has the advantage of being more tolerant than many of its neighbours but it remains one of the world’s smallest populations.

Bahrain gets very hot in the summer, so it is best to visit in the Spring or Autumn. The country’s many events, including the Grand Prix and the Heritage Festival, also tend to avoid the summer months. Public transport in Bahrain is limited, and you may wish to hire a car for your visit. Alternatively, you can get a taxi or an Uber to just about anywhere on the main island (distances are small). Some of the other islands are accessible by boat.

There are lots of things to see and do in Bahrain. Manama, the main city, is full of cultural attractions, including one of the largest mosques in the world. It offers an astonishing variety of cuisine, from street food to a Michelin starred Indian restaurant. The nearby island of Muharraq (connected by road) is an ancient settlement, and once a centre for the pearling industry. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

History lovers will want to visit the island’s other two World Heritage Sites. Firstly, you can see the Dilmun archaeological remains. These date from one of the world’s oldest civilisations and include around 11,000 burial mounds of a unique design. Then there is Bahrain Fort, one of a number of historic forts around the country.

Although Bahrain is not known for its countryside, there are oases and wetland areas. You will also find a camel park (home to the King’s camels) and a small zoo. There are lots of options for people who enjoy water sports, and families can visit the waterparks.

Written by Karen from WorldWideWriter.  See more from Karen on Facebook. 

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world's smallest populations. Bahrain skyline
Bahrain has one of the world’s smallest populations


Iceland is an isolated and wild place to visit with one of the world’s smallest populations. This is made even more apparent by its small population and long distances between towns and villages. If you are looking for somewhere that has amazing landscapes, geography and geology lessons at every corner and a range of adventure activities then you really can’t beat Iceland.

Visiting Iceland at different times of the year will present completely different experiences.  In the winter months, the country is frozen and travelling can be difficult although the northern lights may give a display.  In the summer months, there is far less ice (although there is still a large amount!) and travelling is far easier.  The long days provide more time to explore and whilst travel is still not easy at times it is generally better.

Getting around Iceland is easiest with a hire car.  The roads are empty once you leave Reykjavik and even the ‘busy’ tourist hot spots are not packed.  Having a car means you can explore where you want when you want and are not tied to a guided tour timetable.

While everything in Iceland is amazing there are a few places that stand out.  If you have the time visiting the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon is an adventure not to be missed.  You can take a boat trip around the huge icebergs and up to the glacier wall before wandering along the black sand Diamond Beach with the washed-up icebergs.

If time is limited, then the Golden Circle will give you a taste of Iceland and show you the highlights of what this amazing country has to offer.   Two of the best places on the Golden Circle are the stunning geyser at Haukadalur Geothermal area and the waterfall at Seljalandsfoss which you can walk behind.

Written by Suzanne from Meandering Wild. See more from Suzanne of Instagram. 

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Iceland. World's Smallest populations
Another of the world’s smallest populations is Iceland.

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Armenia: World’s smallest populations

While neighbouring Georgia has become a popular tourist destination, few people make it across the border to Armenia. But they are missing a country that has a distinct culture and sights.

The capital Yerevan is a pleasant city with a communist feel and a very high ratio of cafes and restaurants per capita. During the summer they spill out onto the pavements and the area around the Cascade complex is particularly nice to go for a meal.

While it is easy to spend your time in one of the many cafes in Yerevan, no trip to Armenia is complete without visiting at least one of the country’s many monasteries. Armenia was the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as their state religion and the country today has over 4,000 monasteries. The most popular ones that should be included on any itinerary in Armenia are Geghard, Garni, Khor Virap and Noravank. The easiest way to visit is by renting a car or going on one of the group trips on offer. Public transport is limited but it is possible to visit the first three listed monasteries by a combination of bus and taxi. For Noravank you must either rent a car or join a group trip.

Wine tasting is another activity not to miss during a trip. During communist times the country mainly focussed on producing brandy but since independence in 1991, the century-old tradition of winemaking has been revived. Group trips to Noravank will include a stop at a winery. Other good options are Armas, 45-minute drive north of the capital, or In Vino in Yerevan.

The best time to visit is spring or autumn when the temperatures are comfortable. Summer can be very hot. During the winter snow and ice can close some of the mountain passes making it more difficult to visit the country’s many remote monasteries.

Written by Kristen from Adventures with ensuite. See more from Kristen on Instagram.

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Armenia. World's smallest populations
Armenia also has one of the world’s smallest populations.


Namibia is the country with the second least human population density but it is home to the largest cheetah population! Namibia is famous for its extreme desert with virtually no rain and for the Zambezi River delta which is a wildlife photographer’s dream come true. It has a long coastline but few touristy beaches. The coastline is famous for its diamonds and its treacherous terrain with shipwrecks and skeletons of whales and seals.

We visited Namibia for its majestic red sand dunes on a 4-day trip to Namib-Naukluft National Park. These are the tallest and oldest sand dunes in the world and the pristine I’ve ever seen. Sunset and sunrise on the dunes are absolutely magical. Since access to the dunes at these times is restricted only to the campers and park lodge residents, we had the dunes all to ourselves. Although even at the peak traffic time during the morning climb of big daddy dune, one could hardly see any other hikers on the massive sea of red sand.

You could take one of the many well-organised tours in Namibia, the more popular way to visit Namibia is to rent an SUV from the Windhoek airport. The main roads are top-notch but much of the fun is driving on the dirt roads across the vast empty county with the occasional small town for a pit stop.

Namibia has very hot summer months. The best time to visit is early and late winter, which is during the summer holidays the northern hemisphere.

Written by Jyoti from Story At Every Corner. See more from Jyoti on Instagram. 

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Namibia Small Populations
Namibia has the world’s second-smallest population.

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Finland, with its 5 million inhabitants belongs to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has one of the world’s smallest populations too. The mostly flat land is dotted with lakes, which turn into large ice rinks in the winter. The low population density makes the northern parts of Finland – the Finnish Lapland – wonderfully empty. You can still see reindeer and meet the original Sami people up there.

For the ultimate winter adventure, visit Finland (and Lapland) in winter. You’ll be able to dive into all imaginable winter sports, including snowshoe hiking, snowmobile riding, or enjoying a husky safari. All these can be enjoyed e.g. in Levi, a major ski resort, or in Rovaniemi, which is famous for its Santa Claus Village. In Rovaniemi, you can even meet up Santa Claus all year round.

If you come to see the elusive Aurora Borealis, a.k.a. the Northern Lights, you stand the highest chance in autumn (September through November) and spring (March to April). The further north you go, the higher your chances.

But in summer, Finland is wonderful too, especially the South. While Lapland sees the mosquito population soar, the cities are vibrant and everybody is enjoying their time out, soaking up the sun. Finns actually enjoy beer gardens starting as soon as April.

“Party animals” will enjoy Vappu, the ultimate Finnish festival of May 1st and one that welcomes the warmer days. Student-dominated cities such as Turku or Tampere get especially wild.

The light and dark contrast are quite unique too, especially if you’ve never been to Scandinavia. While in winter, you can enjoy barely a few hours of daylight, in summer the sun nearly doesn’t set (it depends how far north you go). And birds do keep singing throughout “the night” too!

Finland is well covered with railways, so one of the best ways to get around the country is to hop aboard a train. The bus network is quite dense too.

Written by Veronika from Travel Geekery. See more from Veronika on Facebook.

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Finland's green forests
Finland’s green lush forests with one of the world’s smallest populations.


When you mention Panama, most people say “You mean the Panama Canal?”  Yes, it’s true that the canal is Panama’s most famous icon, but there is a lot more to this narrow country on the isthmus of Central America (Panama). Quite literally Panama is the point that two continents join, and it does seem to be a bit of a melting pot.

Panama is one of the most laid back countries I’ve ever visited, and the locals so casual about your visit you’d almost think they didn’t care if they had tourists or not! It certainly isn’t a heavily touristed country, in our experience. Starting out in Panama City, there is the modern city and Casco Viejo, the old part of the city, with definitely enough vibe (and heat) to make you know you are in Central America.  A visit to the Panama Canal is obviously a must and was more enjoyable than expected. If you are travelling with kids, Panama is a great family-friendly Central America destination.

We hired a car and found the roads well maintained and easy to drive on, and in general, the drivers followed the rules.   We spent some time around Chitre and didn’t see any other foreigners, before heading up over the surprisingly mountainous region around Boquete, a luscious coffee growing area with great trails and waterfalls.  Bocas del Toro is the most popular beach destination in Panama, and it is easy to see why – it has a real Caribbean vibe with attractive houses on stilts, stunning turquoise water and plenty of opportunities for island hopping.  We had a wonderful time snorkelling at Bocas del Toro and enjoying the laid back vibe.

With Copa Airlines, the Panamanian National airline offering great connections between South and Central America, I’ve made a lot of stopovers, week-long stays and a couple of weeks of exploration in Panama and have one word for the climate – very hot and humid.  In general, the best time to visit Panama is the dry months between January and mid-April, the rest of the year is wetter but I’ve never found it uncomfortable.

Written by Ariana from World of Travels With Kids. See more from Ariana on  Instagram.

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San Blas Islands Panama. World's smallest populations
The San Blas Islands in Panama are home to some of the world’s smallest populations.

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Not a lot of people realize that a tiny country exists between France and Spain – and it’s Andorra. If you discover the many awesome things you can do in this beautiful microstate with one of the world’s smallest populations, you might want to include it in your list of favourite places to visit.

You can enjoy Andorra any time of the year as the wet and cold season can be just as wonderful as the warm and dry months. Most tourists agree that the best time to visit Andorra would be between April and October since the weather is mostly fine for outdoor activities. It’s also the best time to appreciate the scenic mountain views.

But that’s not to say you can’t visit during the winter months, between November to March. There’s a lot of snowfall in this area during these months, making Andorra a popular ski region. There will be a lot of opportunities for exciting winter adventures like skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and snowboarding.

But whatever the season, you’ll never run out of things to do in Andorra. Even if it’s a tiny country with a population of around 77,300, you would need more than a couple of days to fully experience and enjoy it. Here, you can shop to your heart’s content, go on mindful hikes in natural parks, eat local food, and visit wineries.

And since Andorra is small-sized, getting around is so easy. There are buses that can take you to the main towns but you can drive a car as well. And note that petrol in this country is a lot cheaper than in other European cities.

To get to Andorra, you have to either travel from Toulouse, France or Barcelona, Spain since there are no airports in this small country. The most practical way to reach Andorra, however, is by road (driving or riding a coach) via a highway from France or a road from Spain.

Written by Lucile from Lucile Hr. See more from Lucile on Instagram. 

Smallest Populations Andorra
Andorra is one of Europe’s smallest countries and one of the world’s smallest populations.

New Zealand Has One Of World’s Smallest Populations

With a population of under five million, New Zealand is considered one of the world’s smallest countries. Far away from everything in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand started with a small indigenous population and was only colonised in the 1800s. For these reasons, New Zealand has a small population and is rumoured to have more sheep than people… Nonetheless, New Zealand is an extraordinary destination, well worth a visit of several weeks.

Both the North Island and South Island have fantastic scenery and are worth visiting, however, more time should be dedicated to the South Island. Most of the population is concentrated on the North Island, meaning the South Island is a wonderful natural paradise with beaches, mountains and fjords.

One of the best things about the South Island of New Zealand is precisely its lack of large cities and densely populated areas. It’s actually quite common to drive around and meet few people along the way. If you come from a population-heavy area, this can be quite relaxing. Don’t miss places like Milford Sound, the Bay of Plenty, the Coromandel, Fox Glacier and Mount Cook!

New Zealand is a great destination all year round but the best time to visit is spring. New Zealand’s lush rainforests and spring flowers are at their best, and the temperature is not too low, making for very enjoyable days of exploring. The best way to get around is to drive, as many places are quite remote and won’t have public transport options. Once you get used to being on the wrong side of the road, driving in New Zealand is quite easy.

The roads are generally quite good and drivers are mostly courteous. There are a fair few narrow and mountainous roads around so make sure you are well prepared for those! Driving a campervan is a very popular way to get around New Zealand and the country has a solid network of well-serviced caravan parks.

New Zealand is also very popular for adventure activities, such as sky diving, white-water rafting and flying helicopters, plenty to do for the whole family!

Written by Delphine from Lester Lost. See more from Delphine on Facebook.

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New Zealand. World's Smallest Populations
One of the world’s most remote places to visit is New Zealand.


Qatar is tiny in terms of both land area and population. But like the other small-yet-mighty countries on this list, it sure packs a punch.
Most people think of Qatar as a stopover destination.

While it’s true that just one day in Doha is enough for a solid introduction to Qatari culture – and a glimpse of the mix of heritage and cutting-edge that makes this country so interesting – it’s worth lingering a little bit longer to explore more of the landscape, particularly the coastline and the iconic inland sea. Hiring a car is the best way to get around, especially since fuel prices are enviously affordable.

In the capital, you should stroll the corniche, follow your nose through the sprawling Souq Waqif, pop into the Falcon Hospital, admire the stunning Grand Mosque, and eat a traditional Qatari meal at Shay Al Shoomoos, one of the few restaurants in Doha that’s woman-owned.

Halul Cafe, a low-key shisha and chapati joint on the waterfront, is a great place for a cheap breakfast and cup of Karak tea, the indulgent sugar-and-cardamom milk tea that’s wildly popular in Qatar. After you eat, duck into the local fish market nearby.

A visit to the Museum of Islamic Art is another must – both to admire the collection of illuminated manuscripts and ceramics inside, and to take in the views of the Persian Gulf from the stone courtyard at the rear of the building.

Qatar’s climate is notoriously harsh, so it’s advisable to visit during the cooler months (November to April). It’s still possible to visit in summer if you stick to the indoor attractions and make use of the terrific underground metro system to get around Doha. If you happen to be visiting on a Friday, note the change to business opening hours and public transport schedules.

Written by Emily from Wander-Lush. See more from Emily on Instagram. 

Qatar. World's smallest Populations
Qatar has a population of just 2.7 million making it one of the world’s smallest populations.

Find Things To Do In Qatar


Most visits to Ireland will begin in the busy capital of Dublin, which also serves as the major transit hub for the country. It is also a city full of character and charm and some of the must-see attractions would have to include a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and a night out in the Temple Bar area which is known for its traditional Irish bars.

However, there is a lot more to Dublin than beer and bars with Dublin Castle and Saint Stephen’s to explore in the centre and just a romantic walk along the banks of the River Liffey. There is of course much more to Ireland than the lively capital, and there’s just so much to explore, with all sorts of off-the-beaten-track attractions. A road trip is therefore highly recommended and there are two fantastic routes with the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast and the Ancient East on the east.

The Wild Atlantic Way is definitely the better choice however with some of the most fantastic coastal scenery starting from the most Northernmost point at Malin Head to the most Southernmost at Mizen Head. This includes the wild and remote parts of Donegal which is just so wild and rugged and is a must for any road trip itinerary.  Although the Wild Atlantic Way also incorporates many of the better-known tourist attractions such as the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, and the cobbled city of Galway.

Some of the more exciting destinations to include on a visit to Ireland should include Killarney National Park, the Wicklow mountains, and there’s just so much to explore.

Written by Allan from It’s Sometimes Sunny In Bangor. See more from Allan on Instagram. 

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Irelands coast. World's Smallest Populations
Ireland’s coastline: The world’s smallest populations.


Luxembourg is a small country located in the middle of Europe – bordering Belgium, Germany, and France. Officially it is called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the languages spoken there are French and German, or the traditional Luxembourgish; though French is the most commonly spoken. It is well known as the financial capital in Europe, with considerable wealth within the country.

As a visitor, it’s surprisingly reasonably priced, despite featuring many luxury brands and high-end stores in the capital Luxembourg City. The best part of travelling in Luxembourg is that their public transport network is free, as of March 2020. And it’s a fantastic network – you can travel from Luxembourg City to Viaden and visit the castle for a half-day trip with little to no problems.

There is a lot to see in Luxembourg despite the small stature of the country. There are a variety of castles throughout the country, charming countryside, and a beautiful capital city. It’s all very close geographically and easy to navigate between with the wonderful transportation network.

Luxembourg is best visited between May to September but enjoys pleasant spring and autumn seasons. A weekend in Luxembourg is enough time to get a great feel for the country, but you could extend for a longer trip and spend more time exploring the charming countryside in this welcoming and beautiful country.

What should you not miss?

  • Vianden Castle, a half-day trip out of Luxembourg City.
  • Adolph Bridge, take a walk beneath it
  • Old Town Luxembourg City, wander and explore the shopping and eating area
  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame
  • Pfaffenthal Lift & Neighbourhood
  • Two Castles of Beaufort
  • Bourscheid Castle

Written by Jamie from Travel Addict Net. See more from Jamie on Instagram. 

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Luxembourg's small population
Luxembourg has a population of 613,000.

Visit Landlocked Luxembourg With Its Population of 613,000

Scotland: World’s Smallest Populations

Located in the northern end of the island of Great Britain, Scotland is one of the four countries that form the United-Kingdom.

If you love the outdoors and history, you are in for a treat in Scotland! It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it’s well worth spending a week or two exploring.

Start your visit in the capital, Edinburgh, where you will discover wonderful examples of medieval architecture and famous Harry Potter sites (including the real-life version of Diagon Alley).

From Edinburgh, you can start exploring the rest of the country. Although Scotland doesn’t have many inhabitants, it’s not as small as you may think. Ideally, you will need to rent a car to drive from one end to the other. There are loads of outdoor activities in Scotland and having a car will give you more freedom. Opt for the big loop and visit the following places:

– St Andrews
– Loch Ness
– Loch Lomond
– Route 500 (the ultimate Scottish road trip!)
– Cairngorms
– Fort Williams (don’t forget to hike Ben Nevis and take the Harry Potter train)
– Glasgow

You can also opt for an organised tour. There is a large selection to choose from and they even have some themed ones (Harry Potter, Outlander, Whisky, Adventure…).

Finally, you can also opt for public transport. The railway system in the UK is one of the best in the world and although trains are not always known for being punctual, they will take you to most destinations. If you are planning on visiting cities and towns, taking the train or bus is a great way to get around.

The best time of the year to visit is summer (June to September). It rains a lot in Scotland and although there is no guarantee you will be able to avoid it, summer is more likely to be sunny. If you like the idea of visiting snowy mountains, then you may want to consider a winter trip as well.

Written from Pauline from Bee Loved City. See more from Pauline on Instagram. 

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Scotland Small Country
Scotland’s luscious scenery.

The World’s Smallest Populations: Liechtenstein

One of Europe’s most incredible and offbeat travel destinations is the tiny country of Liechtenstein. It doesn’t attract a lot of tourism but the tiny micro-state of Liechtenstein should be on any travel bucket list. One reason that Liechtenstein isn’t visited more is that it can be tricky to reach from overseas.

The country is doubly land-locked between Austria and Switzerland and it’s only 25 kilometres long with one of the world’s smallest populations at just 38,000. Reaching the country isn’t easy, but finding things to do in Liechtenstein isn’t difficult at all. With great indoor and outdoor activities, Liechtenstein is a perfect destination all year long.

In Liechtenstein, you’ll find five castles to visit. Two of them are fully restored and, perhaps more interestingly, three of them are in ruins. It’s exciting to explore the remnants of these once-great structures and hiking to and from each castle can fill an entire day of outdoor fun. In fact, hiking is one of the most popular things to do and Liechtenstein’s Eschnerberg Trail is among the most trekked trails in the region. Along the trail are gorgeous lookouts over the Alpine Rhine and surrounding mountains. Those same mountains make Liechtenstein a popular skiing destination in the winter months with cosy ski resorts and plenty of slopes to pick from.

Aside from outdoor activities, the royal family of Liechtenstein owns a vineyard and wine cellar that you can visit for tastings and even a meal. It’s located in Vaduz, the largest city and capital of the tiny nation and is the perfect way to spend an evening. It’s not far from the National Museum and the Art Museum of Liechtenstein which are both worth a visit. Vaduz also has a charming medieval town centre which is home to some of the country’s best restaurants. It’s a wonderful area for an after-dinner stroll.

Written by Derek and Mike from Robe Trotting. See more from Derek & Mike on Instagram. 

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Small country liechtenstein
Liechtenstein is small but it packs a punch.

What Will You Find To Do In Denmark?


Denmark is an often overlooked, but never disappointing country to visit in Europe. The gateway to Scandinavia is home to stunning castles, innovative cities, natural attractions and some of the best restaurants in the world. While there’s never a bad time to visit the country, Denmark is a great summer destination with milder temperatures and long hours of daylight.

In Denmark, you’ll find incredible castles, like Rosenborg Slot in Copenhagen. It’s home to the Crown Jewels of Denmark and the coronation thrones of the Danish Royal Family, the oldest monarchy in Europe. Just up the coast from Copenhagen is the city of Helsingør, home to Kronborg Castle. It’s the setting for Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet and if you visit in the summer months you can watch live performances from the play. Other worthwhile castles to visit are the haunted castle, Dragsholm Slot and the magnificent Frederiksborg Slot.

Besides opulent castles, the country of Denmark is home to gorgeous natural attractions like Mons Klint (Møns Klint), white chalk cliffs on Denmark’s southern coast. This beautiful geological area is over 70-million years old and wrapped in hiking trails. It’s home to a geological education centre and a popular sailing, diving and camping destination.

The food scene in Denmark is also a reason to visit the small nation. It may not seem like a foodie destination and most people don’t have Danish restaurants in their home country, but the New Nordic cuisine is delicious. Restaurants like Noma have revolutionised Nordic foods to focus on natural, seasonal and fresh ingredients. They have taken traditional Scandinavian recipes and local produce to recreate dishes with modern culinary techniques.

The Danish people are fine with their low-key profile in the world, while also proud of their incredible country that often goes unnoticed by travellers. Denmark remains one of the best-kept secrets of Europe waiting to be discovered.

Written by Derek & Mike from Everything Copenhagen. See more Derek & Mike on YouTube.

World's Smallest Populations. Denmark Copenhagen
5 million people live in Denmark. Another one of the World’s Smallest Populations.


Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the places on earth that is worth visiting for a piece of rock. Yep! History and geography books highlight the Rock of Gibraltar and all the battles that were started to occupy dominance over it.

The Rock of Gibraltar is a 426m-high limestone ridge, and one can see it from the ferry or when crossing the border from Spain. Although part of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar is best explored from Seville Spain. To get to Gibraltar, there is an airport, but it is only served by 2 airlines.

Here is what you can explore in Gibraltar – start with the airport runway. In order to explore more of Gibraltar, you have to walk the airport runway. No wonder it is considered to be the 9th dangerous airport in the world, although how cool it is to cross an airport runway?

Gibraltar has many World War II museums and sites that are worth visiting to learn about their history. St. Micheal’s Cave is one of the most popular sites in Gibraltar. St. Michael’s Cave or Old St. Michael’s Cave is a cave full of limestone structures located at a height of over 300 metres (980 ft) above sea level. Here you will find monkey’s hanging out, whilst overlooking the stunning views of the sea.

The Moorish Castle is another most visited site in Gibraltar. It is a medieval fortification in Gibraltar comprising gates, and fortified walls, offering scenic views of the entire territory.  The Europa Point, located on the southernmost point of Gibraltar is another scenic viewpoint.

After all the sightseeing, head to the centre for fish and chips – you will be amazed to see how this place looks like a piece of the United Kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula.

Written by Mayuri from To Some Place New. See more from Mayuri on Instagram.

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Gibraltar's Rock
Gibraltar’s Rock. Gibraltar has one of the world’s smallest populations and is a tiny land mass.

What Will You Do In Singapore?


Singapore is a fantastic country to visit. It’s one of those melting pots that has a little bit of everything in a tiny area. It’s great for a stopover for a few hours, or even for a week, there is so much to do.

One of the biggest Singapore drawcards is the food. There is a huge variety of food, from Michelin star restaurants to traditional hawker markets, but all of it is delicious. Try the Chilli Crab or the Hainanese Chicken Rice. For an iconic experience, go to Raffles Hotel and drink a Singapore Sling while dropped peanut shells onto the floor of the bar.

There are iconic attractions such as the supertrees at Gardens by the Bay, the theme parks of Sentosa Island or the shopping district of Orchard Road. Get into nature on Pulau Ubin or enjoy the Jurong Bird Park. Check out the street art at Kampong Glam and visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown.

Learn about the history of Singapore at the National Museum of Singapore or the Changi Museum. For a glimpse to the future visit the very instagrammable Art Science Museum.

Get off the beaten path by visiting Haw Par Villa, a quirky garden filled with statues and dioramas created by the brothers that invented Tiger Balm.

Singapore is a great location all year round, with plenty of warm weather. Expect afternoon tropical storms at any time – but the rain only lasts a short time and is often a good reprieve from the heat.

Getting around Singapore is easy on the fantastic MRT system, with buses running to the few places the MRT doesn’t get to. The MRT goes to the airport too, so even if you have only a few hours, it’s great to leave the airport and check out this diverse country.

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World's Smallest Populations. Singapore
Singapore has 5 million inhabitants and one of the World’s Smallest Populations.


Switzerland may only be a small country but it sure packs a punch above its size! With towering mountains, beautiful lakes and delightful natural scenery, not to mention historic cities, some excellent wine and world-class chocolate, what’s not to love?

Switzerland is best known as a winter destination, with its plentiful ski resorts attracting visitors from all over Europe and the world. Two of the most famous ski resorts are St Moritz and Zermatt. Switzerland a great Christmas option if you want to be guaranteed of a white Christmas, at least higher up in the mountains.

However, Switzerland is also a fabulous destination for summer. Sunny, warm days are perfect for hiking and exploring the country. There’s a wide range of hiking trails to choose from. If you’re still after some snow, take the cog-wheel train up Jungfraujoch. The famous Montreux Jazz Festival is also held during this time of year.

Switzerland is an easy country to get around using public transport. Swiss trains run like clock-work, just like the famous Swiss watches and a network of buses reach deep into the countryside. However, if you’d like extra flexibility, driving your own car is easy. Make sure you purchase a vignette for non-Swiss cars and take advantage of the park-and-ride for cities like Berne.

One of the highlights of my time in Switzerland was staying in Grindelwald, a village in the Bernese Alps near Interlaken. We went hiking around the village and the neighbouring village of Lauterbrunnen, took the train up to Jungfraujoch, the highest station in Europe and enjoyed a dinner of fondue sitting outside of our rustic cabin accommodation.

For another natural phenomenon, don’t miss visiting the Rhine Falls, the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Visit the viewing platform on either side or take a boat out on the river. I also recommend visiting the World Heritage-listed vineyard terraces of Lavaux, east of Laussane.

Written by Shandos from Travelnuity: Dog-Friendly Travel. See more from Shandos on Facebook. 

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Small Switzerland, Mountains. World's Smallest Populations
Small Switzerland With Its Enormous Mountains.

Catch The Train In Switzerland


Jordan has a population of 10 million people, just 2 million more than the city of London but everywhere we went was quiet and a traveller’s paradise in terms of places to explore and things to see. Whether it’s diving on the coast or driving the Kings Highway, Jordan is a great country to travel.

If you’re flying to Jordan, you’ll probably fly into Amman in the north of the country. It’s easy to explore Amman on foot but if you want to see the rest of the country, it’s best if you rent a car and self-drive.  Driving in Jordan is easy enough, the main roads are in good condition and petrol is cheap. 

The main tourist highway runs from Amman down to the seaside resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea and then down to the land border crossing, Durra, with Saudi Arabia however there are other routes you can take. The scenic route is definitely the Kings Highway but the quicker route is Route 65 which runs parallel to the Red Sea.

Top things to not miss in Jordan are

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Jordan. Petra. World's Smallest Populations
Jordan’s Petra. Jordan has one of the world’s smallest populations.


Norway has a population of just over 5 million inhabitants although as the country is large in size, you’ll find that it’s just a few cities that are densely populated. The rest of the country consists of small towns and villages, majestic mountains, breathtaking fjords and waterfalls. Norwegian nature is unlike any other place you will have seen, which makes Norway my #1 recommendation for people to visit.

The main reason to visit is the nature and the western fjords of Norway are where you’ll find the most beautiful scenes. You can fly into either Oslo (Norway’s capital) or Bergen (the second-largest city in the country, and the western capital). The latter is just a 2,5 hour bus or car ride to the fjords and makes for easier access to the UNESCO World Heritage sites you should add to your list.

There are two fjords in Norway on UNESCO’s list; the Nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord. Both are absolutely stunning and should be reason enough to visit the country. Whilst there, I recommend several fun activities, such as going on a fjord safari (a fast-paced adventure in a RIB boat), travelling on the Flåm Railway (one of the world’s most scenic train rides) through the Flåm Valley, and taking on Northern Europe’s longest zipline!

If you’re interested in visiting Norway, here’s a complete guide (step-by-step) on how to plan a trip to Norway!

Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches. You can see more from Lisa on Instagram.

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World's Smallest Populations. Norway fjords
Norway’s fjords are spectacular

Norway Has Everything To Offer You For Your Next Holiday And One Of The World’s Smallest Populations

World’s Smallest Populations: Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 155 islands and us one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world. And the best part is that in comparison to the area of this island nation, the population of this country is quite small so you can enjoy exploring this country without having to tackle people every 5 minutes like you would in a crowded touristy destination. Since this is a tropical island, one can visit here throughout the year but the best time to avoid the crowds is from April to June.

If you love islands or are looking for a peaceful country to visit, then Seychelles is perfect for you. Here, you will be able to enjoy gorgeous island views and ocean views and get to witness the most magical sunsets. Apart from that, the crime rate is almost non-existent here so you can enjoy peacefully on your trip and truly relax during your stay here. Eat fish, enjoy the tropical weather, and spend your days sunbathing on the beaches here, there is just so much to do here.

In Seychelles, you have a lot of activities to indulge in as well such as hiking, island hopping, scuba diving, and so on. Seychelles has a rich marine life so you will be able to witness a plethora of unique coral reefs. Personally, I loved exploring the different beaches and islands around here and interacting with the Giant Aldabra Tortoises that happens to be the largest tortoise species in the world.

Apart from that, I also loved hiking to the viewpoints here for amazing views of the coastline so if you love hiking, then you have a lot to do here. It is quite easy to get around the island too. You can rent a self-drive car, hire a cab, or use the good old public buses to get around.

Written by Rachita from Meander Wander. See more from Rachita on Instagram. 

Seychelles World's Smallest Populations
Share This beach in Seychelles With One Of The World’s Smallest Populations.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s population of 4 million people is distributed over 19,700 square miles (51,100 sq. km), ranking it 129th in worldwide landmass. As you can see it has one of the world’s smallest populations and it’s a rugged, rainforested country with coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific.

Costa Rica is known for its rainforests, beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of Costa Rica is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and the quetzal birds. 

Our favourite area is Guanacaste on the northwest coast which borders the pacific ocean. It’s the least touristy part of Costa Rica. Once you’ve flown into the country, the best and only way to see it is by renting a car and self-driving. This gives you the ultimate freedom to explore where and when you want.

Things to do in Guanacaste include:

Beaches to visit are Playa Tamarindo, a popular surfing destination, Langosta Beach which is good for swimming, Flamingo Beach and Conchal Beach are pretty too.  If you’d like to see leatherback turtles nesting, head to Playa Grande between October & February. You can source an environmentally conscious tour at the MINAE office.

In our opinion Monteverde is overrated and we think it’s better to visit the Sarapiqui area, however, if you’re going to Monteverde, check out the butterfly release centre.

About Us: Costa Rica.

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