Jordan in Winter: Should I take my gloves?

A packing guide for winter in jordan

Are you thinking of visiting Jordan in Winter? If, like us, you have no idea what to pack for travelling Jordan in winter, this post is just for you!


jordan in winter
Amman, Jordan in winter

Before going to Jordan we did all the regular things like checking the average temperature and watching the forecasts to see how the weather was looking but it was difficult to gauge what we should pack.

The sun looked bright, the temperature looked promising but I had this sneaking suspicion that the weather was going to be like Madeira and The Azores in winter; sunny but really cold!  Add in the issue of dressing not to insult local culture, I had a real difficulty in working out what clothes to take.


jordan in winter
Jerash, Jordan in winter

My inner voice was right

It’s a good job I listened to my inner voice because although the sun did shine (and I left with a tan), the wind was strong and the temperature did not reflect the sun. It was pretty cold (I mean very cold), especially after the sun set (we even got into minus numbers in the desert) and I actually wore my gloves on at least four occasions. So, what did we pack for winter in Jordan? Read on.


jordan in winter
Mural from our hostel in Jordan

What did we do in Jordan?

In total we spent 8 nights, 9 days in Jordan. Here’s where we spent our time:

  • 3 days in Amman (including Jerash and Iraq al-Amir)
  • 1/2 day at the Dead Sea
  • 1 day driving the King’s Highway
  • 1 night in The Dana Reserve
  • 1 day and night in Little Petra
  • 2 nights in Wadi Rum
  • 1/2 day in Aqaba


jordan in winter
Swimming in the Dead Sea at sunset.

Here’s what I packed for Jordan in winter

We took just 15.5kg of luggage for four of us (yes, we left a child behind!).

Here’s a little list of the things that I took:

  1. 5 pairs of socks and underwear
  2. 2 pairs of jeans
  3. 1 pair of loose trousers
  4. 2 thin jumpers
  5. 2 long sleeved tshirts
  6. 1 short sleeved tshirt
  7. 2 cotton camisole tshirts with thin straps
  8. 2 shirts
  9. 1 very thin cardigan to cover my arms
  10. 1 pair of gloves
  11. 1 thick coat
  12. 1 pair of trainers/sneakers
  13. Swim wear
  14. 1 large towel


jordan in winter
The Kings Highway

This is what the kids’ packed

  1. 5 pairs of socks and underwear
  2. 3 pairs of trousers/jeans
  3. 2 thin jumpers
  4. 1 thicker hoodie (boy), 1 sleeveless cardigan with neck (girl)
  5. 2 long sleeved tshirts
  6. 2 short sleeved tshirts
  7. 1 pair of gloves
  8. 1 thick coat
  9. 1 pair of trainers/sneakers
  10. Swim wear
  11. MP3 players and headphones
  12. Book


jordan in winter
Having tea high above the Wadi Majib

Things I wish I’d taken for Jordan in Winter!

I am always cold so I wish I’d taken some warmer clothes.

  1. A thicker jumper, something with a neck to keep me warm.
  2. High necked t-shirts with long sleeves.
  3. A hat – when the wind blew my hair got so messy and my ears got cold.
  4. Thick bed socks – my feet were so cold.


jordan in winter
Jabel Burdha rock arch

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A packing guide for winter in jordan

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