Through the dark tunnel to Kamenovo Plaza Pržno, Montenegro


On our way to Sveti Stefan the main road runs high above the coast line but when I looked down, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sparkling turquoise sea and a sand beach. It’s a fast stretch of road so blink and you miss it, it’s gone and the road has passed by. So here’s how to visit Kamenovo Plaza in Pržno, Montenegro.

Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
Kamenovo Plaza Pržno

I briefly saw what I thought was a tunnel so armed with my phone and google maps, I started searching as to how we could visit this perfect stretch of beach. After all there can’t be too many tunnels next to a beach, right!

Nikon AW1

All of these photos were taken with the Nikon AW1 which is an underwater camera.

I found it and it’s called Kamenovo Plaza Pržno

On the map I found what looked like a tunnel next to a beach and so we headed out to find this illustrious place. Descending the slopes (Montenegro is very hilly) and parking on another beach, we packed up the bags and set off on foot.

This other beach was glorious; clear, turquoise, lots of kids splashing in the waters, restaurants lining the promenade but we wanted to find the other one! The promise of a hidden beach was just too much to resist.

The beach close to where we parked in the town

The dark, dark tunnel

The dark, dark tunnel was actually lit and not very long (in comparison to Madeira) so we managed to walk through it unscathed although slightly deafened by the kids shouting ‘echo’ every minute.

We emerged, blinded by the sun and at the other end we discovered paradise.


Out of tourist season this beach was nearly empty but I can imagine that (given the bars and amount of stacked chairs) in season it might be very busy.

I also discovered that it has it’s own car park. It is possible to park up on the main road rather than venturing down to the town. Parking in the town is free however there is a fee for using the car park on the top road.

Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
Kamenovo Beach after leaving the tunnel

Blue seas & shingle beach at Kamenovo Plaza

The beach is nearly all shingle but after entering the water it turns to sand.

Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
The water quality is great
Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
Clarity of the water
Swimming at Kamenovo
Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
Under water at Kamenovo Beach

A rare photo of me

The water was so warm we all jumped in and Sophie got this rare photo of me and the kids! Thanks Sophs.

Kamenovo Plaza Pržno
The kids and I swimming at Kamenovo Beach.

Video of Kamenovo Plaza, Pržno.

As you can tell, once the water gets deeper it becomes quite cold. We swam out to the barrier but had to do so quickly as the cold zapped our energy.

How you can find the Kamenovo Plaza

We parked near Hotel Ponta Nova for free however you can park near the Mali Milocer Apartments.

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