Perast Beach, Cocktails & Sunbed in Montenegro

€10 for a day’s double sunbed, €6 for a scrumptious pirate cocktail and an afternoon playing in the water. Yup, our day at Perast was just what the doctor ordered!  Read on if you want to know more about Perast Beach and how you can spend time here.

The view over Perast church

The view over Perast church

Where did we stay on the bay of Kotor?

We have been staying on Kotor’s banks for eleven days; six days in Ljuta and five days in Prcanj.  We were spoiled with bright sunshine, few clouds and calm waters in the bay of Kotor and I am told by locals that this is the norm.

Perast was no different; a delightful town, beautiful clear waters, bright sunshine, a double sunbed with a cocktail.


The view over Perast and its bay

Visiting Perast

Perast has a reputation for being a tourist jaunt and the fact that the town’s roads are closed to traffic says it all (there are two car parks either end of Perast).  When we arrived the car parks were full of tourist coaches and my heart started to sink.

If there’s one thing I cannot stand it’s coach loads of tourists HOWEVER I was pleasantly surprised that despite the coaches, it was relatively empty. I suspect that the masses had gone over to the islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks.

We parked up (sometimes there’s a cash fee of €2) at the western car park and walked through the town in the hunt of a shaded restaurant. Eating out in Montenegro hasn’t been the most ravishing experience but there are at least always choices for us.

Mountains towering above the little village

Mountains towering above the little village

A walk around Perast

Perast is a small, picturesque village that takes no more than 30 minutes to stroll from tip to tip. There isn’t a massive amount to see however the buildings have retained their traditional stone look and it’s all very pretty and photo worthy.

The village sits at the foot of Mount St. Elijah with an array of restaurants, piers and fishing boats floating on the calm and turquoise waters. The church in the centre of the town has a tall bell tower which is viewable from the road above the village and all around. It dwarfs the village and is a characteristic of Kotor villages dotted around the inlet.

The kids sitting on the shores of Perast

The kids sitting on the shores of Perast

Boats and houses in Montenegro Bay

Beautiful views over Perast Bay

Ancient town sitting in the valley of Montenegro

Palm trees in Montenegro

More Photos from Perast Town, Montenegro

Some families choose to swim from the piers as the waters are so calm and clear. These small piers are full of little fish but also quite a big of algae!

A family swimming off the pier Montenegro

A family swimming off the pier


Fish in the waters

Perast village with mountains and church spire

Perast village


Mountains towering over Perast in Montenegro

Montenegro town and bay

Perast Town and Bay


The islands nearby

Two islands sit just off its shore: one is prohibitd to visitors with natural tall evergreens surrounding a monastery and the other is supposedly man-made with a Catholic Church and an intriguing (but surely nonsense) legend.

It is said that in 1452 an icon of the Virgin Mary was found by two fisherman on a reef that was barely exposed above the water. Over 600 years, people visited the reef and dropped stones into the water where she had appeared. The popularity of this ritual grew so that ships were loaded with rocks and sunk into the sea on the very spot. All of those stones, rocks and ships created an island.

The island of Gospa od Skrpjela or Our Lady of the Rocks can be visited by catching a boat for as little as €3.  We chose not to and instead headed down to the Pirate Bar.

Islands near Kotor

The islands from the top road



Islands near Kotor

Islands of Perast

You Must Visit the Pirate Bar on Perast Beach

The Pirate Bar is located at the western end of Perast and has a small shingle beach as well as a wooden jetty.  We paid €10 for a double sunbed and hogged it for an entire afternoon. It came with two umbrellas so we were able to be nicely shaded when needed.  I ordered the pirate cocktail which had vodka and fruit in it for €6. It was delicious and I contemplated ordering many more… alas children require attention and car required driving. BOO!

A quick video I snapped with my Google Pixel.

Stay nearby Perast

I really did wish we’d stayed closer to Perast so I could have a few more of those lovely cocktails. If you fancy staying near Perast or even Kotor, have a look on to see if you can find your next holiday.

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What else can you do in Montenegro?

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