Visit the empty beach of Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

The greatest aspect of out of season holidays at a stunning location, like Villasimius, is that you get entire beaches to yourself! Here’s how you can visit the empty beach of Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi on Sardinia.

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

How to find the beach of  Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

Pulling abruptly off the SP17 (the coastal road that leads to Cagliari) onto a dry and cracked dirt track, you meander down what looks like a creak bed until you can go no further.

The track just stops and with no signs to lead us anywhere, we abandoned the car under the trees and went in search of the coast.  Ducking under the bush-trees and following tracks we finally happened upon the rocky cove of Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi.


Climbing the rocks to find the beach

We discovered that the beaches in southern Sardinia were quite rocky and we loved it. As we wondered down to this rocky cove we could see the glinting of the white sand in the next cove and decided to hop over the rocks to reach it.

It’s not that the rocky coves are ugly, far from it, there’s just something about sand that attracts our children and I’m thinking yours too.

Rocky cove on Sardinia
Walking down onto the first cove at Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

Reaching the Rocky Cove

There are loads of rocks to climb here which the kids seem to love. What could be better, they’re outside, having fun and getting exercise.

With lots of rock pools to discover as well as the need to find the perfect stone for skimming, the rocky cove kept them entertained for a while before we went over to the sandy beach.

Rocky inlet
Sa Ruxi’s rocky inlet

Tropical views at Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

The water, as always we’ve found here on Sardinia, is clear like tap water but in March it is still a little cold. It doesn’t deter the younger kids though and they’re happy to splash around, usually in their underwear, although this time they managed to change into swim-wear!

Isn’t that water just amazing. Can you imagine your next holiday here?

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

“Tiny Bays Hidden in Lush Mediterranean Vegetation”

When I was idly reading the guide book to Sardinia on the flight over here, I read the description above but never in my wildest dreams did I actually expect it to look like this in real life.

Call me a cynic but I am skeptical of guide books!

Sa Ruxi
Paradise at Sa Ruxi
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Little clear waves lapping at our feet

This beach is a three bay wonder

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi  is actually made up of three bays with a strip of sand dividing them through the middle.  Protected by small cliffs to the rear and dotted rocks in the sand, we were sheltered from the wind that is quite often present during these early spring months.

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
First bay
Sa Ruxi
Third bay which is rocky

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

Splashing around in those stunning waters

Having three kids is sometimes hard to manage. They’re such different children and all with different wants and needs. Our youngest likes to splash around and jump the waves whereas our middley likes to climb and throw rocks. Our oldest is more concerned with looking good for social media so we need to find something that suits them all.

I think Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi managed to do that well. The waters here are safe with a gentle lapping of frequent but small wave. The waters are quite deep though and almost upon entrance the kids were up to their waists. This is a good beach for children who don’t require constant monitoring.

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Our youngest happily jumping around
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Happy baby in the water

Rock Hopping at Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi

If you’ve read our other posts (you can find them at the bottom of the page) you’ll know that our boy likes to jump on rocks in the middle of the water. I have yet to figure out why but it seems to be a little challenge he has set himself and without getting too wet.

I have been baffled as to how he manages to get to these rocks without me noticing and with dry clothes so this time I keep a close eye on him (usually I am busy exploring) and he’s like a little leap frog, bounding off the rocks.  Of course it’s only a matter of time before he breaks a limb but for now he’s relatively safe.

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
The boy rock hopping
Sa Ruxi
I was watching this time so I know what he does
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Like a little leap frog
Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Proudly claiming his rock. Sa Ruxi

How about sunbathing on the rocks?

Our social media queen likes to sunbathe and keep an eye out for potential intruders. I am not sure if we could stay here for tourist season, I think she’d be a bit put out we didn’t have our own beach.

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
She chose the biggest rock to commandeer
Sa Ruxi
Our eldest

You can sit in the rock pools

The water is still on the tepid side (and that’s being optimistic). I am far too cold still to get in but our bunch of explorers have a way to combat this. Rock pools! The water in the pools is nicely heated and they can warm themselves up by sitting in them. Clever sausages!

Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi
Nature’s own bath at Sa Ruxi
Sa Ruxi
Their very own protected bath

Is Villasimius your next beach holiday?

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How to visit the empty beach of Spiaggia di Porto Sa Ruxi on Sardinia

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