Essential phrases for vegans visiting France

vegan french phrases

Being vegan in France is hard work and it isn’t made any easier by devious restaurateurs trying to brush veganism off as a joke. You can see my previous posts on this subject here and here.

Can I swap…

Unlike other countries, French chefs do not take kindly to you asking if you can substitute meat in their dishes for a non-meat alternative however I always like to ask just to irritate them lol.

If you’re going to France and are a vegetarian or vegan, you might just have to learn how to speak some of the lingo, so here are some vegan French phrases to help you out.

vegan french phrases
Don’t even ask!

vegan french phrases

I am vegetarian – Je suis vegetarian. Pronounced: je swee veg-et-ar-ien

I am vegan – Je suis vegetalien.  Pronounced: je swee veg-et-al-ien

I do not eat fish – Je ne mange pas de poisson. Pronounced: je ne monj pa duh pwa-son

I do not eat meat – Je ne mange pas de viande. Prounced: je ne monj pa duh viond.

Asking questions

Is there any meat in this dish? – Y-at-il de la viande dans ce plat? Pronounced: Ee a-teel duh la viond don suh pla?

Are there any animal products in this dish? – Y-at-il des produits d’origine animale dans ce plat? Pronounced: Ee a-teel day prod-wee dor-i-jeen a-nee-mal don suh pla?

What type of oil was used to fry the chips? Quel type d’huile on a utilisé pour frire les frites? Pronounced: Kel teep duh wheel on a oot-a-lees-ay pour freer les freet.

Does this mayonnaise have eggs in it? Cette mayonnaise contient des ouefs? Pronounced: Cet mayonnaise con-tien des erfs. 

Can I swap the meat for tofu? – Puis-je echanger la viande pour le tofu? Pronounced: Puh-wee juh ay-chang-ay la viond pour luh to-foo.

Dessert questions

Is that dessert made with milk? – Le dessert, est-il fait avec du lait? Pronounced: Luh des-er, eh t’il fay avec doo lay?

Does the flan have eggs in it? – Le flan contient-il des ouefs? Pronounced: Luh flon con-tien il days erfs? 

vegan french phrases

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