What To Do In Ljubljana In The Rain With Kids? A Ljubljana Boat Cruise!

What could you do in Ljubljana, Slovenia with kids if it’s raining? You could do a Ljubljana boat cruise, it’s relaxing and easy-going and children will love to see the animals along the banks of the Ljubljanica river. If you’re visiting Ljubljana with your kids, add this to your list of things to do in Slovenia.


Ljubljiana Slovenia
Ljubljiana Slovenia

Ljubljana; A Quaint City

Ljubljana is a cute city that spans both sides of the Ljubljanica river.  With narrow cobbled streets, small boutique shops tucked into alleyways and plenty of places to eat the old town is a great place to visit with kids.

It is a very vibrant city and at night the streets are full of people. We found Slovenians to be exceedingly friendly and everywhere we went they spoke perfect English and didn’t make us feel bad at all at not speaking any Slovenian.

Ljubljana boat cruise
Cute little art shop

The Ljubljana Festival With Kids

Throughout June, July and August is the Ljubljana Festival. At night there were stages set up and many different artistic performances on; from theatre to opera. Most were in Slovenian and aside from the stand up comedy, we could just about get the gist of the performances.

What we liked most was that during the day there were activities for the kids to do. There was a living wall, sports activities and also some art.

Ljubljana Festival prior to Ljubljana boat cruise
Environmental festival
Soft jumping balls as part of the arts festival

Catching The Ljubljanica Boat Cruise

There are at least three boats on the river of Ljubljanica which divides the city’s old town from its newer commercial town. After careful consideration we decided to go with the wooden, handcrafted boat.  It just had a certain presence of sophistication that we liked.

The boat is called Barka Ljubljanica and in the summer of 2016 it cost 8 euros for adults and children were free.  It leaves on every hour  for a 45 minute tour or the river (not the canal) and is located just off the Novi Trg square.

It is run by a lovely gentleman who was so friendly, hospitable and knowledgeable. He gives a running commentary of the animals we saw along the banks and places and history of the city.  It was such a pleasure to spend time on his boat and with him.

Ljubljana boat cruise
The wooden Ljubljana boat cruise to the right hand side.
Ljubljana boat cruise
The boat: Ljubljana boat cruise

You’ll See The Old Buildings From Base Level

The old town buildings rise high above the Ljubljanica whilst there are at least 6 bridges that cross over it. It gives a very different perspective almost being under the buildings themselves.

The buildings overlooking the river.
Ljubljana boat cruise
Old buildings

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Great Views Over The Banks

I was surprised by how green the banks of the river were. Overflowing with trees and leaves we saw birds, insects, fish and mammals.

Our youngest loved the Ljubljana boat cruise and was able to swap seats to get a better view whenever she needed. Thankfully the rain put most people off so it was an exceedingly quiet trip. We were one of just two families on it.

Rich and Imogen getting ready to set sail.
Imogen on the boat
Ljubljana boat cruise
Leaning over the back of the boat!

Weeping Willows

The banks of the Ljubljanica are lined with weeping willows, house boats and people’s gardens. It’s very green and lush and calm. Don’t worry about sea sickness because it really doesn’t go very fast and the waters are still.

The green banks of the river
Weeping willows: Ljubljana boat cruise

Gliding Under The Bridges

Returning back to the old town, you glide under the bridges and float past the old fish market, catching a glimpse of the old cathedral.

See the rain!?
The bridges and old fish market: Ljubljana boat cruise
Underneath a bridge: Ljubljana boat cruise
The cathedral

Raining In Ljubljana, Don’t Worry!

All in all, it was a very relaxing way to spend an hour. Our youngest certainly had a great time spotting animals and counting bridges and it was great later on to walk over the bridges and see them from an entirely new perspective.

Rich and Imogen on a Ljubljana boat cruise

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Barka Ljubljanica in Llubljana is a great way to kill an hour with kids and you see a whole different perspective of the city.

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