Five things to do in Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord is a small town in the region of Hardanger, two hours east of Bergen. Like most of Norway its history dates back thousands of years to the 1800s and there are still a few buildings that reflect these bygone times.

2021: Sixth bonus thing to do added. 

The hotel with the cruise ship that dwarfed it.

Visiting Eidfjord

Eidfjord is mostly a quiet and sleepy little town based at the farthest end of the Hardangerfjorden, that is until a cruise ship comes in! They are humongous and they dwarf even the biggest hotel there. One morning we were woken up at 6:30 am by the loudest foghorn I have ever heard. It turns out this thing was docking in the fog.

I was really bowled over by the simple beauty of Eidfjord. There are lots of twisty, winding roads that lead off to the most beautiful country lanes showcasing wooden houses dwarfed by mountains and waterfalls. I just don’t have the language skills to do it justice. It was a humbling experience to feel so in awe of my natural surroundings and I cannot wait to go back.

Five things to do in Eidfjord

1) Hike for a view over Eidfjord

If you’re looking for a big hike, the mountain of Øktanuten on the southwest side of Eidfjord will be your best bet. However, if you just want a little jaunt up the hillside to the east is Hereidsvejen. Either way, you’ll be sure of a good view over Eidfjord.

Samsung phone shot of the fjord
Nikon camera shot of a traditional boat in the fjord
A traditional boat in the fjord. Nikon

2. Visit the old church.

The old church (Eidfjord Kirke) only dates back to 1309 and is devoted to the Apostle James the Elder. HA! Yes, I’m being facetious, it dates to 1309. I just can’t comprehend that, can you?

During the week the church is locked however it is open for service on Sundays.  The interior has 100 seats and has undergone various bits of modernising over the years. The baptismal font was added in 1680, the pulpit in 1613 and the altar cloth from 1776.  It is a relic from the middle ages and many of the tombstones reflect this.

The old church dates to 1309

The area around the church is also a reflection of its times. Many of the very narrow roads intertwine with the houses only leaving a narrow gap for one car to pass. Please excuse the models in the below photo.

Twisty narrow lanes behind dwellings

After the small dwelling of houses, the fields really open up to reveal vast expanses of prairies with wildflowers and soaring mountains.  The area is known as a Viking burial ground and many tombs can be found in the wooded areas.

Soaring mountains, waterfalls and picturesque red houses.
Huge prairies and fields with red houses
Pine trees, prairies, mountains, waterfalls and cute buildings
Very old breeds of Norwegian horses
Moss-covered rocks in what is a Viking burial area

This picturesque, tree-lined lane, close to the church, provided a great backdrop for my kids to have their one photo of the day taken.

My trio of noisy pickles
Wildflowers growing in the woods

3) Go to the beach

Central Norway isn’t really renowned for its beaches so what a pleasant surprise it was to find this sandy cove.

Simadalsvegen is located slightly east of Eidfjord.  Everywhere you go in Hordaland you’ll be dwarfed by mountains and pine trees and of course, the beach is no exception.

Pine trees growing adjacent to the beach
Grass heads growing next to the beach
The beach
Another waterfall
The kids searching for…. who knows but it kept them occupied.
The beach
The beach
Samsung phone shot

4) Have tea in the hotel

The white hotel of Eidfjord offers a bar and afternoon tea. You can sit and watch the clouds roll up and down the fjord in the warmth of the hotel!

Eidfjord quality hotel
Samsung phone shot of the hotel

5) Rent a canoe and paddle the fjord

There are two locations to rent canoes in Eidfjord and a number of tours you can go on.  The serenity of canoeing on such a flat expanse of water shouldn’t be missed and can you imagine appearing out of the clouds like that! I imagine it to be both terrifying and very exciting.

Rent a canoe
Rent a canoe and paddle the fjord

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SIX The Bonus Thing To Do In Eidfjord

Book Your Local Accommodation

If you like the look of Eidfjord, you can use this map to book local accommodation.

I stayed in this beautiful hotel but I was there on a photography course.

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