Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days; Keeping kids in mind

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do in Jordan or maybe a Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days then look no further! We’ve put together an adventurous itinerary for families that gives you plenty of ideas and flexibility that should keep kids entertained.


Jordan Itinerary for 7-10 days
The Monastery at Petra arriving from the backdoor

A Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days, keeping adventurous kids in mind.

This post presumes you’ll have access to a car, will be self-driving and that you have pre-purchased the Jordan Pass online for all those over the age of 12.


Jordan Itinerary for 7-10 days
The Dead Sea

Day 1


Get your comfortable footwear on and spend the day exploring Amman and downtown Amman on foot. There’s no better way to get to know a city than walking it.

Ideas on where to visit: 3 mosques, 4 art galleries, 2 parks, the Citadel, 2 large markets, Rainbow Street, Turkish baths, 4 museums, an amphitheatre and downtown Amman. Not to forget the ridiculous number of brightly coloured steps that lead up and down the many hills.

Must visit: Al Natsheh nuts and sweets shop in downtown Amman will let you sample all the delicacies before you buy. Perfect English and great selection of sweet and savoury, Jordanian sweets.

3 budget-friendly places to eat in Amman:  1) Hashem Restaurant (9dn total) 2) Art Hotel Café (10dn total) 3) Shams El Balad (25dn total) 4) Aima Ice Cream (5dn for 6 balls). 

Ideas on where to stay: Hostel Hotel Nomads is a budget-friendly hostel that offers family rooms with en-suite bathrooms.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Amman Citadel

A Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days, keeping adventurous kids in mind. Click To Tweet

Day 2

Jerash, Salt (Salt Lake) & Ajloun OR The Children’s Museum & Jerash

You’ll be heading north-west out of the city today and either visiting the 3 cities of Jerash, Salt and Ajloun or making a stop off to spend the morning at The Children’s Museum before heading to Jerash.

If you’re heading up to Salt, which is a gorgeous place to spend some time, don’t forget to quickly pop by the lake. It was a very unexpected surprise for us to discover this hidden gem that virtually no other tourists visit.

Please remember that in winter Jerash closes at roughly 16:30-17:00.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days

Day 3

Iraq Al Amir + Dead Sea

Why not head east to a small, fertile but cloudy, rural town called Iraq Al-Amir. There are the Rajib caves and a semi-ruined Qasr-Al-Abdullah Palace but what you’re really here for is to learn new skills.

Iraq Al Amir women’s association can teach you how to cook, make paper or turn clay into exquisite pots, bowls and dishes.

The Dead Sea is just half an hour from here so once you’ve finished meeting the local women and hopefully sampling your delicious food, you can head straight over to float in the Dead Sea.

If you’re on a tight schedule I would miss the Dead Sea completely and head straight down to the King’s Highway. Alternatively, if you’re not driving in Jordan, you can book a tour to Iraq Al-Amir through Tripadvisor.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Learnign how to cook in Iraq Al Amir

Day 4

The King’s Highway

Today you will experience the extraordinary beauty of the King’s Highway. Be prepared for low gear, twisty, steep mountain roads that climb higher, giving way to amazing views and lots of ‘stop, I need to take a photo’.

Head up and take your first stop at Mount Nebo. You could then drive through the town of Madaba which is famous for its pottery, stop if you wish at one of the many co-operatives but then head for the ruins of Umm-Ar-Rasas.

The Wadi Majib is a spectacular sight and is compared to the Grand Canyon and for obvious reasons. There are multiple places to stop and take pictures before you descend the mountains, crossing over the dam and then ascending the other side. Don’t forget to order tea and coffee at the stops by the side of the road. My favourite was tea with sage.

Definitely stop off at Al Karak Castle which, perched on a hillside overlooking the town, is an amazing warren of underground passageways and cells.

Make your way to Al Nawatef Camp on the edge of the Dana National Reserve (Holy McMoly this is beautiful!) and spend a night either in a tent overlooking the phenomenal Wadi of Dana or in a small bungalow. Sip sweet Bedouin tea around the cosy fire, eat delicious Jordanian food and make friends with your hosts and other travellers who are staying there.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Wadi Majib

Day 5

Dana National Reserve

You can spend the day at Al Nawatef Camp resting, checking out the view, sampling the fine cuisine or hiking the Dana National Reserve.  If you’re on a tight schedule, skip the day hiking and drive straight down to Little Petra.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Al Nawatef Camp, Dana

Day 6

Kings Highway to Little Petra

Head back onto the King’s Highway where hopefully you’ll have time to visit Shobuk Castle before arriving in Little Petra.

You need to arrive in Little Petra by lunchtime to allow enough time to hike from the Backdoor Entrance (which is in the middle of the desert) through to the Monastery.  If you’re very fit and you arrive early you could consider hiking from Little Petra over to the Monastery.

Spend the night in a Bedouin Cave close by Little Petra. Cook on an open fire, watch the stars and, if you like, sleep beneath them.  Staying in a traditional Bedouin Cave was the highlight of our trip.

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Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Shobuk Castle

Day 7


If you’re on a very tight schedule skip this part and head straight to Wadi Rum, if not, you could watch the sunrise over Petra or just spend the day exploring or hiking the area.

My heart lay firmly in the desert area of Little Petra and I loved camping there. I did not like Petra at all but the serenity of Little Petra drew me in.

Spend another night in the Bedouin Cave or head over to Wadi Rum and experience the mystical energy it holds. We recommend Um Sabatah Camp.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Little Petra Camp

Day 8

Wadi Rum

You really need to see Um Sabatah Camp to believe it. If you can spend two to three nights in this simply amazing, moon-like, valley surrounded by desert and mountains, you will not regret it.

Um Sabatah Camp was a fantastic find, hidden deep inside the desert we were treated to amazing hospitality, food is included in the price and we were taken all over the area hiking and exploring. Every night we cosied in front of the fire and listened to traditional music. It was a brilliant experience.

I find Wadi Rum a magical place and I can’t wait to go back.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
Um Sabatah Camp

Day 9

Wadi Rum

What will you do in Wadi Rum? Read our 26 things to do with kids for a few ideas on how to spend your time in Wadi Rum.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days
4x4ing in the desert

Day 10

Aqaba OR Drive back to Amman

If you’re flying out of Aqaba or catching the ferry over to Egypt, head over to Aqaba, sample the free beaches which are about 10-15km south of the city but do not let your children see the McDonalds!! I can guarantee you, that they will beg for fries.

You could drive back to Amman circumnavigating the Dead Sea. It is much quicker (and flatter) than the Kings HWY and should only take a few hours.


Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days

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I hope you liked our ideas on a Jordan itinerary for 7-10 days. It’s a truly wonderful country to explore and 7-10 days feels like just the tip of an iceberg but it’s enough to wet the appetite for more. 

An Itinerary for Jordan for 7-10 days, keeping adventurous kids and families in mind.

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