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Siargao is a really tiny island on the east coast of The Philippines and for us it is the one of the ultimate, adventurous family destinations that it something out of a fairy-tale.  The beaches are phenomenal and the locals are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. It would be almost impossible to get lost there but some places seem untouched by tourism which make it almost unbelievable.

What’s in the travel guide?

In this downloadable eBook we talk about how to get to Siargao, how to rent transport, how to get out cash whilst you’re there, where to eat, shop and do your laundry. We look at what SIM card is best to buy, who to go island hopping with, how to get to sugba lagoon without a tour, which beach is best for snorkelling and what to do in an emergency. Plus more and with some beautiful photos from our time there.

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I anticipated that The Philippines was going to be special but I hadn’t banked for just HOW special I would find them. After the nightmare of Indonesia (which I really struggled with and wasn’t prepared for),  I had psychologically prepared myself for the disappointment which might occur.

Oh I was wrong! Really wrong. It was spectacular and since leaving every one of our kids has asked to go back and explore more of The Philippines.  As a country, it has a reputation for being bad (violent and drug fuelled) from the mainstream media but we found that wasn’t our experience. Siargao was a peaceful and happy place where tourists and locals treated each other with mutual respect and where long lasting friendships were formed.

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