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Intimate Experiences: Visiting The World’s Smallest Populations

Some of the world’s smallest populations that thrive

Releasing butterflies in Monteverde

We spent a month in Costa Rica, exploring the east of Sarapiqui, the north-west of Guanacaste and finally the south west of Quepos. On our drive from Guanacaste down to Quepos we decided to spend a few nights in Monteverde. I was really disappointed with the Cloud Forest and felt that it was excessively expensive...

Frogs Heaven; It really was a paradise!

In a pretty remote part of northern Costa Rica (Horquetas) where most people visit only to go white water rafting, it might appear hard to find activities to do (click to read activities with kids in Sarapiqui) – especially in the dry season, but there’s so much more than just the river. We managed to find...

What to do with kids in Guanacaste

Inland Guanacaste was a big surprise for me with its arid and hot weather and I really enjoyed our time there. However since our return I’ve discovered that it’s one of the least visited parts of Costa Rica and I cannot work out why!? Guanacaste is a north-west, coastal region bordering Nicaragua and the Pacific...

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