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Climbing the UFO tower, Bratislava

What’s in a name! Since it’s completion in 1972, the UFO tower bridge in Bratislava has been known by three different names; Most SNP, Novy most and UFO Bridge.  Most SNP (Most Slovenského národného povstania) literally translates to Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising.  Novy Most translates to new bridge and of course UFO needs no translation….

Climbing the Krupina Watchtower, Vartovka, Slovakia.

Krupina Watchtower Krupina is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia and written records indicate that it dates back to 1135 although archaeological digs report that tools from the bronze ages were found. To understand the need for this tower (vartovka) we need to travel back in time to 1564 during the Hungarian-Ottoman war when The Turks invaded…