Climbing the UFO Tower Bratislava With Kids

If you’re heading to Slovakia and planning to spend some time in Bratislava,  you MUST climb the UFO Tower. Here’s how and why.

UFO tower
The bridge and Bratislava castle

What’s In A Name?

Since it’s completion in 1972, the UFO tower bridge in Bratislava has been known by three different names; Most SNP, Novy most and UFO Bridge.  Most SNP (Most Slovenského národného povstania) literally translates to Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising.  Novy Most translates to new bridge and of course UFO needs no translation.

From 1972 to 1993 it was refereed to as Most SNP, however in 1993 it was changed to Novy Most to unify its name with that used by the people. In 2012 the Mayor petitioned a vote to change its name back to Most SNP. It is advertised as UFO bridge in English speaking tourist brochures.

The bridge is the world’s longest cable stayed bridge which also happens to be asymmetrical. Of course, unless you’re an engineer or especially interested in bridges the bridge itself is of no real concern, it is the flying saucer shaped restaurant and viewing platform which attracts visitors.

UFO Tower Bratislava
UFO Tower Bratislava

How To Get To The UFO Tower

We chose to walk from Old Bratislava (which was mostly destroyed by the construction of the bridge) and across the bridge. It’s just short of half a kilometre long (430m) and takes a few minutes to cross.

You can walk on either side of the bridge and get a different view each time. Each pedestrian area is separated to the sides with the cars driving through its centre. Every time a car goes past, you can feel the bridge move although you can’t see the cars.

A boat on the bratislava river
Walking to the UFO tower in Bratislava, you have views of the Apollo bridge
UFO Tower Bratislava
Walking back from the UFO bridge and tower in Bratislava you have views of the castle

How Much Does It Cost?

For the majority of the way up the tower you catch the elevator. It isn’t exactly strenuous although the last bit of the journey comprises of two series of metal steps. It’s a minimal effort.

The entrance fee is approximately 7 euros for adults and 3 or 4 for children. Foolishly I didn’t keep my ticket stub!

UFO Tower Bratislava
A panoramic from the top of the UFO tower

The View From The Top Of The UFO Tower

With 360 degree views across Bratislava and the neighbouring countryside it’s a great site.  We watched the sun set over the river before heading back to Bratislava town where we stayed on the Botel Marina. It was great fun for the kids and our cabins were comfortable and clean and brilliantly located on the waterside. 

UFO tower
Sunset from the UFO tower Bratislava
UFO tower
Sunset from the UFO tower
Our son climbing the platform at the UFO Tower Bratislava
Hey Mum, Look at me!!
UFO Tower Bratislava
Apollo bridge
UFO tower
Bratislava castle from the UFO tower
UFO tower
Phone shot of Imogen on the viewing UFO tower

Looking For Other Things To Do In Bratislava With Kids?

Our most favourite thing to do in Bratislava was not a day trip to Bojnice Castle BUT the Mackafe. A Cat Cafe that served great vegan drinks and snacks.

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UFO Tower Bratislava with kids

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