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How to introduce your kids to Backpacking

Since we started travelling, I have taken our three kids backpacking on three occasions, SOLO, and I plan to do more in the near future. So where have we been? Our first time was a two week trip to southern Spain. It went remarkably well so I embarked on a three month tour of South-East Asia…

What travelling alone with kids taught me

For the last two years the world has been our oyster but what many people don’t realise is that I’ve done it mostly alone and with our three kids. You see, just over two years ago Richard got a new job and after lots of faffing around being told he could live in Malaysia or…

  • Raiya - 6:51 am

    Really admire you Emma, I hope we meet again one day.  Big hugs. X

  • Raiya - 7:01 am

    ps. welcome to Bucharest .. I’ll feed you and show you all my city.  It’s time we had a chance to chat, as we never have had so before .   Wishing you the best.

  • Emma - 3:33 pm

    Thank you Raiya 🙂

2017! Cor Blimey what a year!

We decided to have a recap on what we’d done last year and….well, what a year 2017 was for us!! Note: I actually wrote this in December 2017 but forgot to hit publish. In 2016 we had spent six months being location independent in France and two months in England, so 2017 was our first…

Lunch in Alghero & a stroll on the rampart walls. Sardinia

Alghero is a roman city on the northwest coast of Sardinia which is encircled by ancient walls and known for its cobble-stoned center and lively marina. After a busy morning climbing 600 steps into Neptune’s cave, we stopped off for a quick bite to eat and a stroll around the walls. Getting there Driving south…