How to Visit The Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord

 Imagine our surprise as we turned a corner in the road and, stumbled upon a large cliff-face, overhanging two houses. These are the Helleren Cottages in Jossingfjord and you can visit too. If you want to visit these special cottages in Jossingfjord, here’s how.

The cottages sat under the rock
The view of Helleren from the road.

Where To Find The Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord

The cottages are found at the end of the Jøssingfjord on the RV44. Parking is marked on the map below.

GPS: 58.328580, 6.353154

The Helleren Cottages Are Pretty Special

The word “Helleren” in Norwegian means ‘overhanging rock formation’ but is often used in a different form “Heller” meaning a shelter.

This Helleren Jossingfjord is 60 meters long and 10 meters deep and its history dates back hundreds of years to the 1800s although is believed that the buildings might be older and parts of the properties may date back to the 1500s.

The cliff offers such good protection to the houses that the roofs are made from just single, wooden clapboards. This is one of the reasons why a visit to Helleren is such a unique experience.

Although the houses were abandoned in the 1920s, Dalane Folkemuseum is now the responsible caretaker of the houses and they open for (sustainable amounts of) visitors all year round.

Helleren Jossingfjord
The cottages of Helleren Jossingfjord
The cottages nestled under the rock
Helleren cottages nestled under the cliff-face.

How To Walk Down To The Helleren Jossingfjord

  1. Park in the car park and walk down the easily visible path. It’s quite worn.
Helleren Cottages
Helleren Cottages

Visiting The Helleren Cottages

The inside of the cottages has been preserved for everybody to see. They are open all year round and request that a sustainable about of people visit and respect the cottages for future generations to come.

Please don’t leave any trash or start any fires.

Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord
Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord


Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord
Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord

Other Thing To Do In The Jossinfjord Area

  1. Jøssingfjord utsiktsplass is a viewing platform above the Helleren. It gives you some amazing views over the fjord.
  2. The Altmark memorial (a memorial to Norwegian sailors of a submarine that were killed in WWII) is on the opposite side of the fjord.
  3. Are you brave enough to walk up the Trallebannen; part of the railway for the tin mines. Easy to get up, more challenging to get down.
  4. Kolbolten rock bridge is a tough hike of roughly 4km each direction. The rock bridge sits 65m above the fjord. Signposts are not great but the route is located clearly on

Where Could You Stay In Jossinfjord?

Use this map to look for local accommodation.

Other Ideas On Things To Do Nearby

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How to visit the Helleren Cottages Jossingfjord and what else you can do in the area

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