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Why I bought a Fujifilm as a travel camera

I have been a Nikon DSLR user for an eternity, well at least seven years, but when I heard about mirrorless cameras I was really tempted. I first started watching the mirrorless market in about 2012/13 but I was holding out for Nikon to release one of their own. Here’s why I, eventually, chose Fujifilm….

10 things to know before buying a house in Bulgaria

This year we bought a house in Bulgaria. Whilst the buying process was relatively straightforward, living there has been more challenging. These are the 10 things that we wished we’d known before buying a house there. What’s happened? Lots of things have gone wrong for us, they haven’t jaded us (because things do go wrong)…

THREE London gigs in THREE nights. Here’s how!

We LOVE going to London. It’s our home city and favourite city in the world and we’ve often considered moving back to the UK just to live there. London’s energy is forever youthful and there’s never a dull moment but how can you see gigs for cheap? We have some ideas. We adore how multi-cultural…

How to take kids to Glastonbury and have fun!

Kids have a bad reputation for ruining things but that really doesn’t have to be the case.  Glastonbury is a magical place for kids and adults alike. We have great memories of taking our kids to Glastonbury and other festivals, so I thought I’d share our tips on how best to enjoy Glastonbury with kids.

654 steps to Neptune’s Cave in Sardinia

Neptune’s Cave sits on Sardinia’s north-western tip and is the most famous of Sardinia’s multitude of caves. With 1308 steps down and up, it will certainly give you a work out! If you’re looking for interesting, relatively cheap and child friendly activities to do whilst on Sardinia, the caves are intriguing in a goblin type…