Can I afford to travel Montenegro?

This post is all about how we can afford to travel Montenegro for a month and how you can too. We give you top tips on how much we spent and how you can spend less.

afford to travel Montenegro

Imogen on a beach: How to afford to travel Montenegro

But how can you afford to travel all the time?

A lot of the questions we get from people involve how much it costs to travel and the first question is usually along the lines of

“Wow. You must be rich to afford that…”

What many people forget is that we have NO financial responsibilities like mortgages/rent, utility bills, local council bills, car repayments, loan repayments or anything else else associated with a permanent base (house furnishings etc).

Whilst we’re not rich, we’re definitely not poor but we do like to do things on the cheap.

How much money do I need?

Another question we frequently receive is:

“How much money do I need to save to have X time in ****……?”

So we have collated some of our costings here to give an idea of how much a month in Montenegro has cost us.  Please leave me a comment below and let me know if this is helpful.

afford to travel Montenegro

Rich photographing the sunset

Can you afford to travel Montenegro?

This is how much  a month in Montenegro cost us as a family of five.

montenegro cost

The view over Kotor: How to afford to travel Montenegro

How much for the flights?

We booked flights for five from London to Tivat with Easyjet for £233.45.   Easyjet often don’t come up on searches such as Skyskanner and Cheapflights but they’re a great no frills line with a good reputation and we use them frequently.

Leaving Montenegro with AirSerbia cost £200, flying from Tivat to Belgrade.

Total Flight costs: £433.45

This is quite expensive because we booked flights seperately and didn’t book our Serbian flights until the last minute. Usually we can get return flights for less than £300.

afford to travel Montenegro

Catching at boat on Lake Skadar: How much did Montenegro cost us

And how much did the car hire cost?

Our best tip for hiring a car is: Use a company which offers an incentive

RentalCars.Com offer loyalty points which give discounts to future bookings.

£304.54  – 2 weeks (We originally only booked two weeks in Montenegro as we were unsure whether we’d like it)

£557.68 – 3 weeks (Second booking as we decided we really did quite like Montenegro).

From this I acquired 2500 loyalty points, which has given me £35 off a future booking.

Total cost for hire car: £862.22

This is actually very expensive and usually if we book for 5 weeks we can get rental for around £500.

montenegro cost

Sveti Stefan: How much did Montenegro cost us

How much does petrol cost?

1,500km cost £60 for a (nearly new) VW Polo.

Total cost for petrol: £60

This is a good price and usually we spend a bit more but we only had a very tiny car here.

montenegro cost

Finding hidden coves: How much did Montenegro cost us

The cost of AirBNB accommodation

Top tip for booking accommodation: Book a month’s accommodation and negotiate a reduction

£367 – 13 nights in Becici

£309 – 6 nights in Ljuta, Kotor

£300 – 5 nights in Prcanj, Kotor

£207 – 4 nights in Ulcinj

£248 – 4 nights in Rijeka Crnojevica

Total cost for AirBNB: £1431

This was incredibly expensive and usually we can  reserve an entire month’s rental for less than £1000. Because wemoved around frequently and did not book budget accommodation, it was more expensive.

montenegro cost

Canoeing on Kotor: How much did Montenegro cost us

The cost of cccommodation with

2 nights in Tivat cost £65.

Total cost for £65

montenegro cost

Perast: How much did Montenegro cost us

How much did food cost?

Top tips for buying food: Supermarkets stock a good range of dried food but the cheapest foods can be bought in fresh markets and by roadstalls.

Buying food in Montenegro is relatively inexpensive.  For example: Fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful and quite cheap. 900g of cherries cost €3 and six peppers cost €1. It is possible to east very cheaply here.

On average weekly food costs were £100.

Total monthly cost for food: £500

afford to travel Montenegro

The view over Kotor from the windy road: How much did Montenegro cost us

How much to budget for guided activities

We frequently don’t do any guided activities and instead make our own fun but we couldn’t resist Montenegro’s charm.

£110 canoeing in Kotor

£70 river trip on Rijeka Crnojevica

£90 boat trip to the Blue cave

£100 Hike around Lake Skadar

Total cost for activities: £370

montenegro cost

Lake Skadar

Can we afford meals out?

Because the cost of food is relatively inexpensive, eating out was more affordable.

Top tip: Eat out for lunch rather than dinner as menus are often fixed price for multiple courses. Eat in local restaurants not chains.

£20 lunch – Petrovac

£33 lunch – Budva

£35 lunch – Kotor

£25 lunch – Podgorica

£25 lunch – Rijeka Crnojevica

Total cost for eating out: £200

afford to travel Montenegro

Vegan sushi in Budva

Analysis of costings

In the beginning we weren’t sure if we would like Montenegro so we booked the first two weeks for a very small price, approximately (£230 flights, £300 car, £300 accommodation).  When we realised that we liked it and wanted to see more we only booked shorter accommodation and therefore the price increased significantly. Slow travel is much less expensive than fast travel.

Accommodation in the east of Montenegro can be found for £12 per night HOWEVER we discovered that Montenegrin budget accommodation often means that the house is incredibly basic.  Some accommodations don’t feature kitchens and if they do, they’re so basic you can only cook with one saucepan at a time. Whilst this is fine for couples, we just cannot manage like that.  If you’re happy to rough it a bit, it is possible to find very cheap rentals and camp sites are even cheaper!

We thoroughly enjoyed our excursions but these were a big expense and you don’t need to do these to enjoy Montenegro.

I do really recommend renting a car though. Montenegro has a reputation for terrible driving but I disagree and I found it quite good. I was never intimidated and was happy to drive around the country.

montenegro cost

Mamula Island

Top tips on how to afford to travel Montenegro

  • Flight search engines are a good tool but they often don’t show budget airlines. Easyjet are a great no frills line with a good reputation.
  • When hiring a car, look for a company which offers an incentive and book a month at a time. You get a better reduction for booking longer.
  • Montenegro is a small country. To save money, book a month’s accommodation and negotiate a reduction in price. You can visit the rest of the country on day trips.
  • If you buy food, the cheapest food can be bought on road-stalls and in fresh markets although supermarkets stock a good range of dried food.
  • For eating out, eat out for lunch rather than dinner as menus are often fixed price for multiple courses. Eat in local restaurants not chains.

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