An urban buzzy bee Airbnb experience through Kings Cross. London

When I recently downloaded the AirBNB app from the Google Store these strange ‘experiences’ popped up on my screen. Totally baffled and probably busy battling children, I ignored them… until they again popped up on my screen the next day. Curiosity got the better of me and as I swiped right, I came across this EXPERIENCE offering

On the road: Being vegan in Madeira

Let’s face it, when we think of food from European countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy, veganism isn’t the first thing we think of and because of this we just didn’t know what to expect.  We always pack food in our suitcases to tide us over the first few days; little things like a bag

VIDEO: Les Cascades. Zach’s birthday water-park. Trévoux, France

I’ve previously written about some of our frustrations of being based in France and really how child un-friendly it can be.  One of our biggest struggles was knowing what to do with the kids on their birthdays as we found France so limiting. Luckily for us, this water park in Trevoux came recommended by one of

It’s a beach life… beaches near Agadir which we can recommend. Morocco

Morocco… the country which presented us with the MOST and BIGGEST challenges.  Some of these problems included: no wifi, poor customer service, being very sick (frequently), getting ring worm, being hassled in the streets and being conned out of money. Let’s just say it was not an overly welcoming experience however, some of the beaches